Makeup Monday - Essie Nail Polish

February 17, 2014

Welcome to Makeup Monday on Julie's Lifestyle.  Each Monday I will post about a certain type of makeup, nail polish, face or hair product etc.  It will be a fun place to come visit about anything to do with beauty.  

Week 7 - Essie Nail Polish

Welcome friends to another fun week of Makeup Monday.  We are already on week 7 of the series  and today I'm going to talk about Essie Nail Polish.  My favorite color is called Ballet Slippers and I have been wearing this color for years.  This is the description of the polish:  An eternal manicurist and fashion stylist favorite, essie's classic pale pink polish is graced with a subtle, sheer finish.  This beloved award winning essential is an iconic color for all seasons. 

I also use for the first coat of polish this bottle of millionails.  It's a treatment that nourishes the nails with a fiber shield and iron strength to help resist peeling and splitting for visibly stronger nails.  

I usually wear this polish in the spring and darker colors in the winter.  Can you tell that I'm wishing it was spring yet?  Have you tried this nail polish yet?  What is your favorite color?

Thanks for stopping by Makeup Monday and please come back next week.

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  2. Julie, I have never worn this color (I don't love the smell of any nail polish), but I know that this is a big favorite. I have seen my sisters and nieces wear it and just about every bride I know! I guess you are in good company with your love for Ballet Slippers!

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  4. I'm going to have to try the millionails product. My nails will start growing nicely and then split on the sides so I have to cut them off. Such a bummer! Thanks for sharing this product....:) . Have a blessed week....Vicky

  5. Hi Julie! Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party and for the follow...I'm following you too :)

  6. Everyone loves Essie that uses it. I really need to pick some up (for my daughter if not for me!! though I'm not adverse to it, I just don't paint my own very often). I like the Ballet Slippers color!

  7. I will try this, Julie! I love the color and am always looking for something soft and natural. xo Karen

  8. How lovely. Thank you for linking up to Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  9. I haven't tried Essie polish yet, but they do have lovely colors.

  10. That's a very pretty colour!! Such a classic :-)

  11. This is such a classic 'my nails but better colour'! I love it!

  12. You just can't go wrong with this Essie nail polish!