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I'm a wife and mother who enjoys cooking healthy recipes for my family.  I also love crafts, books, and travel.
I started this blog on November 8, 2012, by the urging of a family member and I'm loving every minute. 

I hope to inspire you by trying a new recipe, a simple crafting project, or adding a little creativity to your life.

Here you never know what you will find as my blog has a little bit of everything.

Things I Love To Blog About:

Easy To Make Recipes - Crockpot Beef Short Ribs

Simple Crochet & Craft Projects - Oversized Crochet Sweater

I like doing a Friday Favorites blog post from time to time.

I hope you enjoy visiting me here often, as I love meeting new blog friends.

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Rest in Peace Bosco 5/08 - 11/26/22

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  1. I like your blog I am glad I came across it I stay at home a lot because I am disable so I like going to differ blogs just to see what other people are doing and check and see want kind of crochet patterns they have. I don't knit but I do a lot of crochet and even thou I have been doing it for a long time I still learn something new every day. Have a nice day and I will stop by again.