Amazon Prime Purchases - November

November 3, 2020

Hello blog friends.  Happy November!

This is the first time that I'm sharing my Amazon Prime Purchases with you.  I thought it would be something different and fun to do.  You might find some ideas for purchasing at Amazon.  I'm joining Tanya for her Amazon Prime link up.

Here is her schedule if you would like to join in next month.

Nutribullet Blender

We needed a new blender.  We make protein shakes every day for breakfast.  This one works great and you can't beat the price.

Knitted Pillow Cover

I wanted new pillow covers for my couch for the winter.  These knitted pillow covers look warm and cozy on my coach and are just perfect.  I ordered two of them in a cream color.

Christmas Pillow Covers

I wanted new Christmas pillow covers and 4 came in this pack.  They will look festive for the holidays on my couch.

New Balance Sneakers

Mr. JCL needed new sneakers and these are his favorite to wear.

The Address by Fiona Davis

I love reading books by this author.  I can't wait to start this new book. 

Styrofoam Head

I needed to order a styrofoam head for my crochet and knit items I make.  This head is the perfect model. 

Burger Bites

These Burger Bites are Bosco's favorite dog treat.  Bosco knows where I keep these treats.  He will look at the cabinet door and bark for them. 


P.S.  It's election day and Mr. JCL and I are celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your Mister! I hope you have a fun day celebrating! All of these Prime purchases look great. I love getting my pillow covers from Amazon. Bosco is a lucky boy!

  2. I'm a big fan of NB sneaks as well. Enjoy your week.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I'm putting those dog treats on my shopping list. Our dog would love them. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. I love the knitted pillow cover. I have one of those heads for my crochet hats and headbands. I let my daughter add eye lashes and colored in her lips. Her name is Rachel. Haha.

  5. Love those Christmas pillows! So cute :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    1. Thanks for the blog visit Jenna. Yes, the Christmas pillows will look cute on my couch. Have a nice week.

  6. Happy Anny!!! Nice to know the burger bites are Bosco approved:@)

  7. Gotta love Amazon Prime. You found some great things. I give those treats to Buddy and he loves them. Happy November. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  8. Julie you temptress you! I'm looking at each purchase and thinking oh yes I would love that my saving grace may be they won't be available on Amazon Uk haha, I love the idea of the styrofoam head it would be great for my charity makes and I need a new blender too! now look what you have started haha. xx

    1. Thanks for the blog visit Linda. The styrofoam head is just great and we like the blender. Hope you have a nice week.

  9. The pillows are darling. I had ordered the summer one with sunflowers in the summer. I also ordered some sneakers and leggings online from Amazon. We have the bullet blender.

  10. I love all of those throw pillows. They would be such a festive addition to our couch!

  11. I like the pillow covers. The cable knits do look cozy and perfect for cooler weather. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!!

  12. Have a fabulous Anniversary Julie. I love the knitted cushion cover !
    Thank you for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party.
    Much love

  13. I had my eye on those knitted pillow covers, too, Julie. You'll have to let me know how you like them. :)

  14. I hope you and your hubby had a wonderful anniversary!!


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