Friday Favorites - November

November 13, 2020


Hello blog friends.  

I have my Friday Favorites November Edition:

1.  What I'm Watching Lately

Emily in Paris
I finished watching Emily in Paris on Netflix.  It's about Emily who moves to Paris for a job at a marketing firm.  While working there, Emily gives the firm an American perspective on things.  Emily is trying to juggle work, friends, and romance.  I liked the show and Emily's colorful fashion style and the scenes that take place in Paris.  If you've seen Emily in Paris, did you like it?   

Schitt's Creek
Mr. JCL and I started watching this series on Netflix and are enjoying it.  It's about a rich family that goes broke and they leave their pampered lives to live in a small town.  We both have a good laugh and I'm sure you'll like this series if you haven't seen it. 

Superstore - Season 6
I love this show and I watch it every Thursday night.  It's a comedy about a group of employees that work together in a superstore called Cloud9.  I love the funny way they all interact together and I always have a good laugh.

2.  Hallmark Christmas Movies
I love watching the Hallmark Christmas movies during the holiday season.  Here is the Movie Guide - Countdown to Christmas 2020.

3.  Ulta Beauty
I bought a few things online at Ulta Beauty and I'd love to share them with you.  They also had free shipping on your order Wednesday, so I started my Christmas shopping.  If you have anyone on your holiday gift list that likes beauty items be on the lookout for sales.  

At my nail salon, they use this Seche dry fast top coat on my nails.  I decided to buy a bottle for when I do a manicure at home.  This works great and dries my nails in 15 minutes.  Have you tried this fast dry top coat?

I bought Maybelline brow extensions for my eyebrows.  I love the way this fills in my brows.  I bought mine in the color 250 Blonde.

I bought this L'Oreal voluminous mascara in the color Cobalt Blue.  My daughter used this blue mascara and I liked the way it looked on her eye lashes.  It gives your eyes a pop of color and it's something fun and different to use. 

4.  Another Salad
We had salads again from Just Salad.  I had their Chicken Caesar salad which is my favorite.  Do you have a favorite salad?

5.  Bosco's Halloween Costume
The kids on my block had a Halloween Parade.  We dressed Bosco up in his Pumpkin costume and he joined in with the kids.  I gave the kids chocolate candy and I now have a big bowl leftover from Halloween.  What do you do with leftover candy?

6.  Holiday Link-Ups
Tanya from the blog The Other Side Of The Road is having a few holiday link-ups that you might like.  I participated in her Amazon Prime November link up for the first time HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Friday and weekend.

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  1. I still have not seen Emily in Paris! I think I’m going to take a whole day and binge it by all the Christmas trees with some warm beverages, LOL! I could see a picture of Bosco in that costume every day! I hope you have a super sweet and cozy weekend!

  2. I have seen some of Emily in Paris but none of the others I'll have to look them up, I like a warm pasta salad with haloumi and any salad ingredients I have just tossed in. Bosco looks so cute in his costume. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I'm loving Emily in Paris! I'm re-watching Schitts Creek too. I'm sure I'll watch some Hallmark movies this season. Bosco looked so cute in his costume. I need to check out those Ulta buys! You can make Christmas cookies with the leftover candy. I hope you have a great weekend. My favorite salad is one with lots of variety in it and I love a combination of cool and crisp with something warm and hearty and a creamy dressing!

  4. Schitts Creek is a great show! I'm sad it's over. I might have to watch it again. And thanks for the reminder. I just got an Ulta email, I need to go order! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. I love Bosco's Halloween costume Julie, glad he could join in on the fun:@)

  6. Thanks again for the shout out! You're the second blogger today who mentioned the brow product...I need to check it out. Have a great weekend!

  7. I loved Emily in Paris! It was such a cute show; plus I've always loved Paris. My favorite salad is a seasonal one from Panera bread; their poppyseed chicken salad is chuck full of fresh fruits in the summer.

  8. Thanks for sharing these great suggestions! I love the Hallmark Christmas movies. :) I'm visiting from the Friday Favorites linkup today. Have a great weekend Julie!

  9. I am going to check out Emily in Paris. Love to see things set in Paris. I love any salad with grilled chicken. Shitt's Creek just makes you laugh and we all need that. Our food pantry actually took all the leftover candy. I thought that was weird but then thought about it and people picking up food at the pantry should have a sweet treat too. Plus I sent some to the firehouse for the firefighters that work with Terry. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

  10. I've been catching on some HBO series lately, binge watching while crocheting. Thank you for sharing about the Holiday linkup - eager to check that one out!

  11. Emily in Paris sounds good but we don't subscribe to Netflix anymore. We're re-watching Grimm on Amazon Prime. It's kind of dark but we like weird syfy. Also decided to take the plunge and watch The Mentalist. We're really enjoying it. Discovered a good show called Time Team, a British show that aired from 1994-2014. It's a group of specialists who go on archaeological digs. It's quite interesting!

  12. I loved Emily in Paris and it makes me want to go back and visit so badly! Your dog is so cute in his costume! We didn't have any trick-or-treaters so I made sure to buy candy we liked and we (the kids) ate it all! Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. I recently started Emily in Paris, and I'm loving it. Schitt's Creek was my favorite - I actually watched the entire series twice. Another one I enjoyed was Never Have I Ever (on Netflix), and we are loving Greenleaf (also Netflix). I used to wear blue mascara years ago - I always loved the look. Maybe it's time to try it again! Bosco looks adorable!

  14. I did watch Emily in Paris and liked it. I tried Schitt’s Creek, but couldn’t get into it. Bosco looks so cute! My favorite salad is one I make everyday for lunch!

  15. Bosco is stylin'! I haven't seen any of those shows, but that doesn't surprise me because we don't watch TV much, though we enjoy it when we do. I think the last series we watched was on Netflix...Stranger Things and FLASH. I liked the first ST but they got too gross after that. I like FLASH but it gets stupid too...the dopplegangers drive me crazy. :) I got Kylie Face Scxrub for my daughter's stocking at Ulta and Secret Genius (Half Price at Sephora). I also got a Prada Candy Night in person at Ulta for under $40! I am loving all of these sales. Here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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