Sephora Makeup Haul - March

March 11, 2020

Hello blog friends.    

I went on another shopping spree recently at Sephora.  I'd love to share some of the items I bought.

1.  Fenty Beauty - By Rihanna - Hydrating Primer
While on my shopping spree in Sephora I wanted to buy face primer.  I was all set to buy a different primer when I was asked to be helped by a sales associate.  I wanted to buy Too Faced Hangover face primer after receiving a sample of it that I liked.  Well, they showed me the primer by Rihanna and I liked it immediately after they put some on my hand.  The primer soaked right into my hand and made my skin feel soft.  The color is Soft Silk and the price is $32 and $2 less than the Too Faced primer.

Do you use face primer before you apply your foundation?  I never did, but after using the sample from Too Faced it makes a difference.  The foundation applies to your face easier and makes it stay on longer.

2.  Sephora Quick Clean - Dry Clean - Brush Cleaner
This spray brush cleaner is great for a fast clean for your eye shadow brushes.  I decided to give this a try for using my new eye shadow palettes.  It gets the brushes clean and it's so easy to use.  You just spray the cleaner on your brush and then wipe away on a tissue.  The price is $15.  

3.  Sephora Deep Clean - Solid Brush Cleaner
This is a solid cleaner that is great for getting a deep clean for your makeup brushes.  You get your brush wet with water and then run it over the solid soap.  I use this when cleaning my Sephora foundation brush.  The price of this Sephora solid brush cleaner is $15.  I am trying to be better at keeping my brushes clean.  I'm applying makeup to my face and I don't want any breakouts or anything.

4.  Sephora - Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner
I have been using a dark olive eyeliner lately and I like this one from Sephora.  It is waterproof so it stays on better and doesn't wear off after a few hours.  The color is 06 Olive and the price is $13.  The reason why I have been using olive eyeliner is that it gives my eyes a softer look.

Have you tried out any of these makeup items?


5.  MAC Mascara Update
I was given for Christmas this MAC mascara from my sister-in-law.  I used it and I thought it was good but the mascara for the upper lashes has already dried out so fast.  If you missed that blog post you can read it here.  I am using the lower lash mascara in the meantime.  

6.  New Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Strips
I just bought these nail gel strips recently at Sally Beauty.  I was doing gel manicures at my nail salon for about a year and it made my nails weak.  I have been doing regular manicures and I was curious to try out these gel strips.  These gel strips are peel and stick.  You have to find the right size nail strip to add to the nail.  It says on the package that they are to last 14 days.  I kept mine on for a week and I like using them.  When you are done wearing the gel strips you can peel them right off.  Mr. JCL thought that I went to the nail salon to get my nails done.  LOL.  

Have you tried gel strips and do you like them?

If you have tried out any new makeup that you like, please let me know in the comments section.  I'd love to know!

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  1. Your nails look great with those strips! Thanks for the haul info!! That primer sounds good and so does the brush cleaner. I just started to try out a primer for myself that I found at Target. I'm using Thrive mascara and I love it.

  2. Your nails look amazing! I always like to try a new primer and I’m always in the market for waterproof eyeliner‘s, I’d like them to go on smooth. I hope you have a beautiful day my friend!

  3. Id love to try the eye liner and those nail strips, Julie. Thank you for sharing. Your nails look so pretty. Do they just peel off easily?

  4. You did wonderful ! I love all you got, the primer specially Your nails look great !
    Thanks for sharing dear friend.
    Keep safe.

  5. The gel strips look like a fun idea! :) I've never tried primer but I don't wear makeup often. i have heard great things about Fenty beauty though :)

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We had a quiet one at home.

  6. I'm definitely going to give the waterproof eyeliner a try - I like the ideo of olive, because I think the black makes my eyes look too harsh, especially in daytime. And - now that I won't go for a manicure because of the corona virus, those gel strips look amazing!

  7. My grown son has a girlfriend who only uses Mac. I haven't tried it. I tried Tarte for Christmas, an eye palette, mascara and scented lip color. I liked it. :)

  8. Nice Sephora Haul! I haven't tried any Fenty Beauty Products yet, but so many people love the brand.

    1. Thanks Pilar for the blog visit. Yes, the Fenty beauty products are really popular now. I enjoyed shopping at Sephora for makeup.


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