Spring Dollar Tree Haul

March 23, 2020

Hello blog friends.  

 A few weeks ago I visited the Dollar Tree store when it was safe to go shopping!

I bought some fun things and I'd love to share them with you.

The Dollar Tree store that is closest to me closed down and I'm still so sad about that happening.  :(  

To visit the closest store I have to drive a half-hour.  I was also disappointed with this store as it was a mess.  The isles were messy and unorganized and it looked like a tornado hit the whole store.  The last time I was in DT it was so clean and neat.  The Dollar Tree stores seem to be hit or miss and they don't have too many employees working in the stores.

But enough of me complaining, and let me show you what items I bought. 

I'm so in love with this bunny rabbit hanging.  I have it hanging on my kitchen door and I think it's perfect for Easter.

I have a few indoor plants in my living room and this rock is in one of the planters.

I know that fairy gardens have been all the rage for a few years.  I want to start a fairy garden and I like that three figurines come in each package.

Dollar Tree has the best dog rope toys for only a dollar!  Some stores sell them for at least $7 to $10 for a dog toy.  Bosco likes playing tug of war with his toy.  I thought the dog collar with the dog bones was so cute.

I like to buy bags of chips for when I visit my girl at college.

The chip clips are a great buy and I decided to try out the ranch dressing.

I'm glad I was able to shop the Dollar Tree store before we had the  coronavirus.  

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  1. You know I love the dollar tree! Those barbecue potato chips are some of my favorites! I hope you guys are hanging in there OK and big virtual hug’s!

  2. Oh I would have bought the fairy garden cuties too! They are just adorable! I like to use them to put with seashells. I guess they don't sell online but maybe I'll see them later. I won't be anxious to get out and shop even after this is over. It's so scary! Take care and stay healthy my friend. Hugs!

  3. You did really well! I miss being able to just go shopping. This too, shall pass. I hope you're doing well Julie, also sending you a virtual hug!

  4. These are all adorable, Julie! It really is amazing what you can find at the Dollar Tree! Stay safe and healthy my friend!

  5. Lots of goodies Julie. Most of us are shopping our homes or shopping online. Stay safe and keep busy...We always have hope. xo

  6. My Dollar Tree is so nice and it’s because of the manager. She was transferred to another store for awhile, and it went downhill. When she came back she had to work so hard to get it looking great again.
    You did find some good buys. I haven’t been since all the coronavirus, and it’s so close to me.
    Stay healthy! Xx

  7. The bunny rabbit hanging is great. I can see why you love it. Utz makes a hot chip that is my absolute favorite. They are hard to find though.

    1. Thanks for the blog visit Rosey. I miss shopping in the stores besides buying food. I hope you all stay safe and be well.

  8. Enjoy your newly-supplied goodies Julie. Cannot wait to see your fairy garden!

    1. Thanks Maya and I can't wait to work on the fairy garden when the weather gets warmer here. Stay safe and be well.

  9. Gotta love the dollar store! Sorry yours closed. I need to go to mine and I hope it is open. Just been trying to hold out on trips there right now. You found some great items. Happy New Week Julie.

  10. I keep thinking I want to do a fairy garden. They're just so whimsical.

    Our nearby Dollar store closed down so I haven't been in a while. Looks like you found some good things.

  11. Julie, we have several Dollar Trees nearby and they really vary in what they carry and the cleanliness of the store. Of course, the farther one is the better one and I don't always get a chance to drive that far, but those fairy packs are so cute, they might be worth the trip. Hope you're all well...

  12. Love the Dollar Tree. I enjoyed this post. Stay safe. Hugs.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you enjoyed this post. Take care and be safe.

  13. Julie,
    I bought the same Bunny and I also bought some fairy garden houses that look like pastries there!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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