A Day in My Yard

June 9, 2013

It was so pretty and warm in my yard the other day so I decided to take some pictures of my side yard.
I have these pink impatient plants and the bird statue sitting on my side wall.  Take a look at the wall, there is an image that looks like a fish.

I have growing a spearmint plant and basil, so that I can have spearmint for our ice tea and basil to make pesto or to use in my tomato sauce.

I love this topiary tree I have in my yard and I always plant flowers around it.

Another view of where we sit outside and enjoy the summer.

Another topiary tree, I do love this spiral.

My 4 tomato plants I have growing.  Hopefully I will have some tomatoes to eat this summer!

And another topiary tree.

My back wall is decorated with a little cherub and a cross and more pink impatient plants.

Here is my dog Bosco posing for me.  Look at his front paws, aren't they adorable.  It's like he is a ballerina or Charlie Chaplan!

I love this peach colored rose I have growing in my side garden.

I have this statue of Mary, who is starting to fade a little.

My mom gave me this beautiful angel statue for me to put in the garden when my husband and I moved into our house 18 years ago!

Another view of my yard.

I have just a few tomatoes starting to grow in one of my pots.  I have to wait for them to turn red.

If you look closely you can see the tomatoes hiding in this plant.

Flowers starting to bloom on this tomato plant.

This is on my front stoop.

That is my little tour of my yard and I hope you enjoyed it.  My yard may not be large, but I do love it and we enjoy sitting outside and having summer BBQ's.


  1. I love the dappled shade you have too, perfect when having BBQ's! Your tomatoes are growing well, mine are still to be put in the growbags. Have a glorious week. Chel x

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