A Day in New York City

June 28, 2013

How has everyone's week been so far?  This week I was in New York City in the area called Meatpacking District and I decided to take some pictures to share with you.  I love the way that this building is shaped and there are umbrella's and chairs to sit on in the street.  You can see someone sitting down in this photo.

Some of the side streets were empty and there were not a lot of people walking around as you can see.

This is a trendy and popular restaurant called CATCH and it serves Seafood.

Here is a very popular burger joint called Bill's Bar and Burger which has really good hamburgers.

Across the street it Starbuck's, which I love!

Here is Chelsea Market if you are in the area it is a must see.

Look how pretty these purple flowers look in these large pots on the sidewalk in the middle of the street.

Here is window display that I just loved and the background is a city and it is painted and made out of paper.  The belt is a tape measure.  This store is called Anthropologie and it is a store filled with so many unique items and also another must see.

Inside Chelsea Market was this window display of a sail boat and it was filled with so many shells.  It looked so summery.

We now have in the city bicycles that you can use for a certain amount of time and money.  There were so many lined up!

This is outside of a restaurant and here you can see pretty flowers hanging.  This is the end of my little tour for you of my day in the Meatpacking District.  I hope you enjoyed this tour.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend I hope you all enjoy!  I will be taking my daughter and a few of her friends to see a concert that the British Band called One Direction is having on Saturday night.  Wish me luck!



  1. oh wow - I'd love to visit New York, it looks fab!

  2. Hi, yes NYC is a fun and exciting place to visit! Do come and visit some time.

  3. I love NYC as I am originally a Newyorker from Astoria-Queens! I loved the Meat Packing District, it's great, some many years ago it was an infested with rats place, lol.. Thank you for the great pics! I am sorry I'm so late visiting you, but I had to go away for 2 1/2 days for the funeral of my aunt, I just got back and I'm answering all your comments dear friends. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Julie, I really enjoyed the tour. I have not made it to NYC yet. On my 'to go to' list. My 14 year old granddaughter, Taylor loves One Direction. I think everything I gave her for Christmas said their name on it. Including a sweatshirt. Have fun and try not to run onto the stage. lol!

  5. Hi Julie,
    This was a fun tour. I have never been to New York City, just barely through New York. It's on my wish list. Thank you for sharing on Tuesday Trivia. Pinning! Tuesday Trivia will be in New York July 23, if you have any pictures you would like to e-mail me to use, I would link them back to your blog. Let me know.
    Have a great 4th of July.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  6. Hi Julie,

    So very nice to meet you! I really enjoyed this tour of NYC's meat packing district! Such a variety of exciting things to see and do. I love Anthropologie; that tape measure belt is so creative! Thanks for sharing!

    Following you on Bloglovin',too!

    Happy Fourth!



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