Starting Summer

June 14, 2013

It's already the start of the weekend and I am so proud of my daughter because she has completed 7th grade today.  She has done an amazing job as a student and daughter and will be entering into 8th grade in September.  We had a pizza party today at the house with 10 of her friends and they celebrated all day.  We can now start our summer!

My daughter will be going to camp in Manhattan every day for a few weeks.  The camp that she will be attending, they will be going on field trips to museums, and have fun participating in activities such as fishing, movies, Madame Tussauds, and some community service work.  She will experience New York City!

We will be spending a lot of time in New York City during the week and I hope to take a lot of pictures  so I can share the photos with you.  I am looking forward to eating at nice restaurants, and shopping too.

Some views I took of the city.

Last summer we took an amazing trip to Zurich, Switzerland and we stayed at my husbands cousins house and we got to spend a lot of time with my husbands aunt, uncle, his cousins and their children.  Here is my daughter with her cousins.  We took a day trip to visit the mountains.

Here is my husbands aunt and uncle and they are both from Italy.

It was so amazing sightseeing in the mountains and we took a tram to the top.  We all then ate lunch when we reached the top of the mountain to rest and look at the beautiful views.

We also took a train ride to the bottom of the mountain.  Then we took a boat ride to another area to walk around and sight see.

We had coffee and dessert at a cafe in Zurich.

We took a train to Lugano and stayed there for one day and we did a lot walking around, sightseeing and we ate Italian food at nice restaurants.

We took another train to Venice and we stayed at a hotel right across the street from the train station. The hotel was called the Hotel Carlton Grand Canal.

This is the view from right outside our hotel.
We did a lot of sightseeing in Venice and we also went to the Lido a few times to relax at the beach.  Venice is so pretty and the boat rides were so much fun.

We also plan on going to the beach on our weekends since the house that we would usually rent in the Jersey Shore was damaged due to Hurricane Sandy.

Whatever your plans are for the summer I hope you all enjoy whatever you do and remember to relax!  I also want to say Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there.  We plan on having a BBQ!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Thank you for the views of NYC, I plan to go there one day. And, also the lovely views of Switzerland and Italy. Your daughter sounds as though she is going to be busy over the summer, along with yourself! Have a great week. xx

  2. Always love checking in. Your life is way more exciting than mine....ha ha ha

  3. Thanks for sharing the amazing pics of NYC, Switzerland and Italy. I always wanted to visit Switzerland. France is another place I yearn to visit....maybe someday:) Your daughter sounds like she has some fun activities lined up. I bet she will enjoy every minute!:)



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