Costco Finds - March 2023

March 22, 2023


Hello friends.  It's been a while since I've done a Costco Finds blog post.  I didn't realize that the last time I did a post was back in June.  

On my most recent shopping trip to Costco, I did notice that they are not selling any more kids or adult books.  This is such a disappointment to me.  I do on occasion like to give books as presents to people.  Does your Costco sell books?

I also found these Costco price tag secrets on Instagram.

I found some great buys I thought you'd like to see.

I spotted this Mondetta Knit Fleece Crewneck sweatshirt.  It comes in dark blue and black.  I bought the purple color to wear for spring.

I love these Marc New York jogger pants.  This is the second pair of pants I bought and they come in three colors.  I bought them in black as they go with everything and the pants are so soft.  

I found these women's gummy multivitamins.  I don't like taking big pills so these are working out.

We bought these iron pills for my daughter to take each day.

These Systane dry eye drops come three in a package.  We all use these eye drops for our dry eyes.

We have a Nespresso espresso machine.  We use these Peet's capsules to make coffee each day.

I picked up this Neutrogena Hydro Boost face cream for my daughter and I.  This cream is light and soaks right into my skin.  I love how it moisturizes my face.  I usually use this or Olay Regenerist face cream.

We bought Irish soda bread before St. Patrick's Day.  The bread was ok and it tasted better heated up with butter.  I won't be buying this Irish Soda bread again.

I picked up these Puma sports bras.  I already have them and they are so comfortable.  They are perfect for my workouts at my gym and for everyday wear. 

My husband likes and uses these razor blades from Harry's.  

Heather from Our Life In a Click also enjoys sharing her Costco finds.

Have you bought anything from Costco lately?

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  1. Oh no...I hope our Costco doesn't get rid of the books! We still have them. Great finds at Costco. I'm the same way with pills and prefer the gummie vitamins. We have the Nespresso vertuo system, and I wish Costco would start carrying those pods. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My hubby and I buy from Costco at least a couple of times a month! It's quite interesting to see what others buy from there, Julie! And of course, I love the purple top you got! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out, Julie! We do like a lot of the same items. I love those joggers! I'm wearing them now. So comfy! I will look for that sweatshirt too. My husband just bought a beach wagon at Costco on his trip back from Virginia. We've needed an upgrade for awhile. I didn't know they carried Nesprosso pods. We have the Vertuo machine though so maybe they don't carry those. I love the Harry's razors for myself. I also get the Puma sports bras. I need another trip to Costco soon!

  4. I still don't belong, but every time I read one of your posts, I reconsider joining!!

  5. I really hope the books aren't going to be removed from Costco!

    1. Yes Melody, I hope Costco is not removing books from their stores. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the week.

  6. Those are the same gummy women's vitamins I'm currently taking and I like them too; even though I don't usually like gummy anything.

  7. Lovely finds. We shopped at Costco while in Kauai. Their clothes are pretty nice Julie. Thanks for sharing your purchases.

  8. Those gummy‘s are delicious and that bread looks so good too!

  9. I’ve always seen books at Costco, but I’ll check again. I like seeing what you find there, Julie. I’ll look for those sports bras. I bought a pack of Sketchers footie type socks that like. I always like checking out the clothes. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

  10. I love my trips to Costco. You found some great finds. My hubby uses Harry's too and I am glad Costco is now carrying the refills too. Have a great week. Hugs. Kris

  11. I'm going on Thursday for a few things I need, and I know I'll come back with a lot more than that! I'm going to look for those Peets capsules. It's fun to look at their clothes. I recently bought some workout leggings that are great, and two SPF50 long sleeve shirts that are great for the beach. Here in Florida, they don't sell Poland Spring water! I noticed very few books on my last few trips.

  12. Hi Julie, Linda (life and linda) sent me here! I quit Costco for the summer but will re-up it when I return in the fall, so this is really useful info, especially on the price tags!


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