Ideas for the Fourth of July

June 12, 2019

Hello blog friends.  

I hope that you are enjoying the start to summer and just enjoying spending time outside.

I have just returned from a two week trip to Asia.  We traveled a long distance to Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.  I am just starting to feel normal and over that jet lag.  It was such a wonderful family vacation.  I'd love for you to follow along with me on Instagram @brklynhousewife to see some of the amazing photos of our trip. 

Here are a few ideas I'd love to share for celebrating 
the Fourth of July.

If you like crocheting, how about crocheting a dishcloth.

This is a fun and easy crochet project.

You can visit HERE for the details to make one yourself.

I always have fun and enjoy crocheting Americana themed coasters.

This is another fun patriotic project to make.  To see the details, you can visit HERE.

It's always fun to make a patriotic looking drink.  Just visit HERE to make this 4th of July drink.

One of our favorite desserts is brownies.  It's always fun eating brownies at a BBQ or get together.




1 Box of Betty Crocker Supreme Original Brownie Mix
1 Large Tube of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
1 Box of Oreo Cookies


Grease bottom of 9 x 11 casserole dish.  First layer with cookie dough evenly.  Top with whole oreo cookies.  Mix brownie mix according to box directions and pour over oreos and cookie dough.  Bake according to box directions on brownie mix.  Time may vary and just be sure to check with a toothpick if brownies are cooked enough.  They can be somewhat gooey.  Best served warm.

Whatever you do, I hope you add a little creativity to your life.

Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.  Wishing all the Dad's a Happy Father's Day.  

Click HERE to see the great parties I will be linking up to!



  1. Love the term SLUTTY brownies. LOL You seem too prim and proper to make anything slutty in your kitchen though. lol
    Will love to hear about your trip to Asia! Wow! xo Diana

  2. What a fabulous trip! WOW! I know you loved going to these countries! Hope you have lots of photos to share! Love the crochet flag. Not sure I could make one but I should try! Hugs!

  3. great ideas...
    SLUTTY BROWNIES look so delicious....yummy

  4. I hope you're starting to feel "normal" again. The trip sounded amazing. Can you believe it's almost 4th of July? I want some slutty brownies!

  5. Welcome back Julie! I was actually following your trip on instagram but I do hope you'll surprise us with a post on your blog and let us have a glimpse of your family adventure!

  6. I bet your trip was fabulous. How great to do a family vacation. I have made the Slutty Brownies and they are pretty delicious. Happy Thursday.

  7. How wonderful to go on a family vacation to Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong, Julie! I wondered where you had been! Thanks for all the great patriotic ideas. I have tasted those slutty brownies, but have never made them.

  8. I saw some of your photos coming across my Insta feed. I'm going to keep checking it because you've gone to an area I'd love to visit, especially Hong Kong!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

  9. That's a great idea. My son will love it.

  10. Oh, those brownies sound fantastic! I have been following your Asia photos on Instagram. What an amazing trip that must have been!

  11. Julie,
    WOW!! That must have been some trip!! I heard that moth balls might keep the squirrels out of your flower pots..... Thanks so much for stopping by!! And thanks for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment!!

  12. Wow, amazing ... you've just traveled to three countries at once ...
    Of course there are many interesting things you get from the trip.

    Your knitted work is very good and your brownies look very delicious.

    Greetings from me in Indonesia

  13. 2 weeks in Asia, wow, I bet that was incredible! Your Slutty Brownies sound dangerous! Cute crochet flag creations!

  14. Your vacation was so neat! I've never been to Singapore or Vietnam.
    The little flag is adorable! xoxo Su


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