Visit to Rhode Island

May 29, 2019

Hello blog friends.  I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the long weekend and Memorial Day.  I've been away on vacation for two weeks and it feels great to be back home.  Please bear with me as I am going to try and catch up with my blog posts and blogging. 

We had a quick visit to Providence, Rhode Island again at the end of April.  My daughter sings in her college choir at Providence College and they were going to have their last spring concert.

We were happy to stay in the Hotel Providence as they are a dog-friendly hotel.  We like that since we can bring Bosco with us for the weekend.  Our usual hotel we stay in, the Dean Hotel was all booked up.  I did a blog post back in March HERE about the hotel and Providence College alumni and family weekend we attended.

When we arrived at our hotel it wasn't ready yet so we all took a quick walk around the area.  Some of you may remember the last time we visited there was snow on the ground and cold outside.

Providence is so pretty to visit in the spring as the trees are just starting to bud and open.

When we visit Rhode Island, Bosco is so good and likes his car rides.  He LOVES his visits to see his sister.

My daughter's college friends were so happy to spend time with Bosco while our daughter had her concert.

Below I was able to get a photo of my daughter and the singers in St. Dominic's Chapel.  It was such a lovely concert and we were so happy to hear everyone sing.

We had dinner after the concert at an awesome Greek restaurant called Andreas located on Thayer Street, right near Brown University.

The next day we picked up my daughter at school to go to breakfast.  Our daughter lived in the building seen below and had great views of the city of Providence.

I walked around the campus with Bosco taking photos of the buildings.

We had breakfast at a cute cafe that is in a bicycle shop.

This coffee shop sells a fancy breakfast and Nitro cold brew coffee.  They also have a cart that goes around to the nearby colleges selling Nitro brew coffee.

Some of you may remember seeing the photo below on my Instagram @brklynhousewife.  

We all sat outside at a table since we had Bosco with us.  The coffee, bagel, and breakfast sandwiches were so good.  

You can see below photos inside the coffee shop and many bicycles hanging on the wall.

After we dropped off my daughter she gave us some of her things from her dorm room to bring back home with us.

P.S.  My daughter has everything all moved out of her dorm room and back home.

I can't believe that my daughter has finished her freshman year at college.  I feel a little sad that we won't be going back to Providence, Rhode Island until the end of August.  We all enjoy our visits and we are looking forward to the return in the fall.

In the meantime, I am happy to have my college girl home for the summer!  😎

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  1. Well, I can only confirm that this year went away in a swoosh!
    Thank you for sharing a peek into your adventures! Isn't it good when the family is gathered together during the summer ?

  2. I love visiting Providence and I can't wait to go back when it's warmer! Your daughter has a great place to go to college! How fun that Bosco got to come along!! They have some really great restaurants there. It's nice to have her home I bet! Crazy how fast freshman year went!

  3. Wow- That year just flew by, didn't it? RI was the last state on my list that I had not visited. I finally got there a few years ago so have now been in all 48 contiguous states. Your daughter's campus is very pretty and I am sure Bosco enjoyed the trip and the extra attention. xo Diana

  4. You have had some of the best Rhode Island visit so no wonder you’re so sad. But I am glad you got your girl home for the summer!

  5. Rhode Island is beautiful, we've been there and love it. Your daughter is so lucky that you guys love it too and visit often. I know how close you are with her and how thrilled you must be that she's home...enjoy every second of summer!

  6. This time of their lives goes so quickly. I remember doing all those fun things when my girls were in college. The hotel and college campus look wonderful. Love the Bike Shop Cafe too. Glad you had such a great weekend in Rhode Island.

  7. Rhode Island is on my bucket list to visit, especially during the fall. I love hearing and reading about your travels Julie. I'm glad your daughter will be home for summer. Have a good day!

  8. I have never been, so thanks for taking me along. I am sure you are going to love having your daughter home. Thank you Julie for your thoughtful comment on my skin cancer. So many of us baked in the sun when we were young. Cover up!

  9. That's neat! It seems that my mom and you are traveling in opposite directions. She goes to NYC to see my sister and back almost every weekend. I don't get to RI/ SE Mass very often, because I have so many pets to arrange care for, and my spouse works out of town. My dd has two years, but it was her first official year there, if that makes sense, and it flew. They must be around the same age. xoox Su

  10. I know you are thrilled to have her home this summer! They sure grow up fast. Enjoy your week!

  11. Last year we went there. The streets are so beautiful in Rhodes Island.

  12. I missed your posts, Julie. Glad to know you were busy travelling and having fun with your family. :-) I can't believe the school year is finished. Time goes by fast! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Providence looks really nice this time of the year.
    Have a nice weekend!

  13. It is nice to have her home. I'm glad you had a good visit, going to pick her up. Enjoy your summer!

  14. Providence is such a fun town- must be amazing to be a college student there! Doesn't time fly when the kids are in college?

  15. What a special visit, to hear your daughter sing in the choir, Julie! I can’t believe she’s finished with her freshmen year, but I know you are happy to have her home. Bosco is so cute!

  16. This looks like such a fun trip! Of course seeing your daughter is the highlight, but taking a tour of the pretty spots in the city is wonderful too. Providence looks like it has so much history and beautiful architecture. Thank you for taking us with you. Wishing you a blessed Monday! xo Lidy

  17. What a lovely looking trip! Have a wonderful weekend, Julie!

  18. wonderful place to visit....

    Have a great weekend

  19. You must be so happy to have your daughter home for the summer, Julie. And more adventures to come next year.

  20. Always great to find a dog friendly hotel! Looks like you had a nice visit. Thanks for linking up to Take Me Away and I will post my June recap tomorrow. This month I was a little behind...due to summer laziness - ha. Enjoy your weekend!


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