Makeup Monday - Gel Manicures

June 29, 2014

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Week 22 - Gel Manicures

Hello friends!  I'm back with my Makeup Monday Series and welcome to Week 22.  I recently had a gel manicure because I had a few special functions I was attending and I wanted my nails to look good.  I love the way a gel manicure looks and it lasted beautifully for about 2 weeks without any chips on my nails.  On my right hand I have one chip on the tip of my middle finger and it's day 18.  Its almost 3 weeks now since I had my manicure!  The nail salon had so many colors to choose from and the whole process was fast.  What I liked was at my nail salon they have a cloth glove to wear while putting your hand under the UV lights.    

Would I get a gel manicure again?  The answer is yes but only for a special occasion. I would not get it done regularly.  The cost of the manicure at my nail salon was $30 too.   

What are the negative aspects of a gel manicure? 

1.  UV lights
2.  The gel polish they use
3.  It may cause infections
4.  First time use may thin nails by 50%
5.  Removal of gel polish 

To remove the gel polish you have to use acetone nail polish remover and pour it on a cotton ball and apply to your nails and then wrap in aluminum foil and wait at least 15 minutes.  Then rub off the all the polish from each fingernail.  Next you need to scrap off all of the polish and what is left on the nails.  Acetone nail polish remover can really dry out your nails too.  Click HERE to see a tutorial I found on how to remove the gel polish.

Have you ever gotten a gel manicure and did you like it?  

I hope I may have helped you decide if you would like to try a gel manicure.

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  1. I haven't had a gel manicure and I doubt I would ever try it. I've been blessed with really strong nails and I wouldn't want to do anything to compromise that, although I do know several people that have done it and love it!

    BTW, ulie, I like your new background! Very pretty!!

  2. Your nails look very pretty, Julie :-) My natural nails have always been weak and brittle, so I need lots of help to make them look nice. I've had gel manicures before as well as had acrylic nails put on. I love the way they look but it's very expensive to maintain. Have a great day :-)

  3. That's a great idea when you're leaving for a trip, too. I love the way they look and it's interesting to learn about them. Honestly? I've never had a manicure in my life! I have pretty nails though....and do them myself. Happy Monday my friend!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a gel manicure. They really did do a nice job!

  5. I've had gel manicures, and love how they look and how long they last. But like you said, they damage your nails and it's pricey to keep up with them. I think if I had some really special occasions coming up I might do it, like you did. Otherwise I do them myself or leave them natural. Blessings, Deborah

  6. Wow Julie, your nails look so nice! I have never had a gel manicure done before. . .in fact, I don't do much with my nails at all :) I am terrible about cutting them down short because I hate the way they feel when they get too long. I have strong nails with natural white ends so I just don't do much. Your gel manicure has me rethinking my "lazy" approach to nails :)

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  7. Your nails look lovely, I'm afraid I never do anything with my nails, I have to keep them short for work and I've gotten used to having them that way. I don't like the negatives and the thought of the 50% thinning scares me because my nails are thin and split easily anyway. Having said that some of my friends have theirs done all the time. :)

  8. Hi Julie,
    Your nails look so pretty! I had a gel manicure once, for my youngest son's wedding. While I liked it, it took a year for my nails to feel healthy again. I'd never do it again. I only like pedicures as my nails seem to chip too badly.
    I took my Mom out today and got her the Maybelline spot erase product. I put some on her and she liked it for covering up some of her age marks.

  9. Your nails look really pretty, but it seems the drawbacks might outweigh the benefits. I have always done my own nails, but I might try this for a special occasion. Thanks for sharing this information! xo Karen

  10. I have never had gel nails Julie, they sure look pretty :)

    I would love mine done ...

  11. I've never had one, but it looks so beautiful. Gosh there are a lot of negatives. Thanks for sharing. I was only aware of some of them.

  12. Looks pretty! I haven't tried gels yet. Thanks for sharing at the My Favorite Things party. Theresa @DearCreatives

  13. I agree, it's great for special occasions. On one hand it's better than acrylic's but on the other hand, I don't like the way it thins my nail. Thanks for sharing.

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  14. A gel manicure might be good when you're going away on holidays for a couple of weeks and want your nails looking good for the duration. My nails are quite weak and brittle already, I'm hesitant to get a gel manicure on them. I live the colour you chose! Gorgeous!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous colour!! And what a perfect mani!!! :) Happy Monday!

  16. I've tried gel polishes a few times and while the results are pretty gorgeous, the negative aspects can make the whole thing really frustrating! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty


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