Knit/Crochet Goodies

April 18, 2013

The house is quieter now that my neighbors dog Scout is back at his house.  I think my dog Bosco is actually happy too to have everything back to normal.  I started the week off with crocheting a cute dishcloth in a pretty multi color green.  I will save a lot of them and give them as gifts for my crochet and knit friends for Christmas presents this year.

Bosco looks comfortable.
Tuesday I went to my crochet group and started crocheting another baby hat in a cute pink, lavender and white multi colored yarn. I will also crochet the little poncho to match the hat and make a set for the crochet sale in November.

At the meeting Sister Jean (who runs the crochet group) brought to us some beautiful yarn, pattern books, knitting needles, and circular knitting needles that someone donated to the church.  We all went through all of the goodies and we each decided on what we would keep.  I brought home a lot of different crochet books, 2 knitting needles, and 2 circular knitting needles.  I kept some goodies for myself and I gave some books to my knitting group and the yellow plastic knitting needles I want to save in case my teenager decides she would like to learn to knit someday.  I have enjoyed these past few days looking over the all the books and I'm still not done.

Knit/Crochet Goodies 
I went to my knitting group last night and we meet each week in a local coffee shop that has a nice corner we all sit in and drink coffee, and we knit and share and laugh about each others week. One of my friends was nice and gave me a yarn winder and metal knitting needles.  I am going to keep 2 knitting needles for myself and I will give the rest to the crochet group because some of the ladies in the group knit.

While I was at my knit group last night I finished knitting a scarf that I had been working on since Easter and I gave the scarf to my teenager and I was so happy when she said that she loved it.

The yarn I used is Lion Brand Yarn, Baby's First, in the color Sea Sprite.  I used one skein and to start off I knit a few rows with a size US 17 - 12.75mm needle and then for the rest I knit using a size US 35 - 19.0mm needles and then at the end I switched and knit a few rows to end using size US 17 - 12.75mm needle and then you just cast off.  It is simple and it makes large knit stitches that look pretty.

Great news, my mom has promised me that she will knit me a sweater.  I brought with me to the knit group 2 pattern books that we all looked through and they helped me narrow down the decision for a pattern.  I will have to show my mom and then we will decide on the yarn to use.  I am so excited that my mom is going to make me a sweater.

2 knit pattern books that we looked through for a sweater pattern for me.
Knit scarf  I made for my teenage daughter.

Today I went for a nice walk with my dog and where we walked is right near the water.  The sun was shinning this morning and it was so nice that I stopped to take some pictures.  My dog Bosco actually stopped to look at the boats and water too.  It was so funny and cute to see him do that.  We both just stayed like that for a few minutes enjoying the water, boats and the sunshine.  It felt so good and soon the weather will be even warmer.

On the path walking with my dog Bosco.

Bosco standing there posing for me.

The view of the water from the path.

Another view of the water.

The Sea Streak Boat - A Commuter Boat taking passengers into the city.

Another Boat.
When I got back to my house I took a picture of my cherry blossom tree that is in my front yard.  It bloomed this week and looks so pretty.

My Cherry Blossom Tree

 I made a berry salad that we all enjoyed for dessert.  It is such a simple dessert and healthy too.
Strawberry, Blueberry and Blackberries I made us for dessert tonight.

That has been my week so far and I hope that you all have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you do!


  1. Thanks for taking us on the walk down the path with Bosco! What a great way to get to work along the river for those commuters. Beats the dreary roads I have to drive along! Take care. Chel x

  2. Hi Chel, yes it is a nice way to get to work, but I can't imagine your roads being dreary. Take care, Julie x

  3. Hi, visiting from Paula's no rules weekend link party. Loved the crochet, salsa recipe and photos on different posts. Most enjoyable clicking through your blog.
    Fran @travelgenee


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