How I first became interested in Knitting

November 12, 2012

Since I was a little girl my mother has always had something to knit for someone either family or friends.  She has knitted us all sweaters or scarfs.  She is know into knitting felted handbags. I wasn't interested in knitting at all until about 3 years ago.  What inspired me to learn was all the beautiful scarves that my mom was knitting with all of these bright colors and beads on them.  One day I was at her beach house with my family and my aunt was over also. Well my aunt is also a knitter and crocheter.  I watched them both as they sat there together at the house and at the beach knitting together and talking and laughing.  So I asked them if they would teach me.  I learned from them the knit and purl stitch and from there that is how I learned!

I have taken at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, a class in knitting 1 and knitting 2.  The classes were also very helpful to me.  I am still knitting scarves and want to try to learn more but I find that the knitting is much harder and takes longer to make something than crocheting!

Since I joined Ravelry, I have joined a knitting group in my area where I live that meets up every week at a local coffee shop!  They are such a nice group of people and they are all different ages.  This group of knitters really keeps me inspired because they are all advanced knitters.  I have seen so many beautiful projects from them.  They all use such colorful yarns.  I love meeting up with them each week because we all sit and knit and laugh and have show and tell!

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