Crochet Group

November 27, 2012

The crochet group that I belong to we meet up each week at my parish church.  It is run by a nun named Sister Jean.  What we are all about is that we all knit and crochet for the poor or homeless and for hospitals that Sister Jean takes and gives out to them and also for our annual Christmas sale which we have every year!  Our group has about 15 women that belong.  Some women come every week and some just work from home every week.  We all love what we are making and doing.  I have belonged to the group for about 9 years now.

Two weeks ago I taught a women how to crochet the granny square because she said that she had forgotten how to crochet one because it was about 3 years and I gave the women a ball of yarn to work with.  Well we didn't meet up last week because of the holiday, but when I saw her today she had started that ball of yarn and continued the granny square into a big blanket.  I was so proud of what she had accomplished and she was so enthusiastic!

Today I started knitting hand warmers!  I love making hand warmers because they are fast and easy to make and you can always use hand warmers in the winter.  I love making all kinds of creations.  Going to the meetings keeps me inspired every week!