Black Friday

November 23, 2012

Today is Black Friday and everyone is in the stores shopping and trying to get the best deals and savings on their holiday shopping!  The stores are all busy and their are so many crowds of people shopping.  If you want to shop on a day like today the best thing to do is to have a plan of stores you want to visit and a list made up of everyone you need to buy for.  It is best to have all of your coupons ready also.

Another get way to shop is on the Internet because their are so many sales on line and they even have free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money.  I love online shopping because it is so easy and it gets sent right to your house and you don't need to go to any stores and wait on any lines.  I love to do both!  I love shopping in the stores with my coupons and I love shopping online.  Each year I always do both.  When I shop in a store it starts to get me in the holiday spirit!

It seems as though each year the stores start decorating and getting ready for Christmas earlier and earlier each year.  The same goes for people and their decorating of the inside and outsides of their houses!

So everyone get ready for your holiday shopping and try to have a good plan and stay organized!

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