Share Four Things - October 2023

October 27, 2023


Hello friends and happy Friday.  I'm linking up with Jennifer from Overflowing With Thankfulness for her fun link-up Four Things.

For the last Saturday of each month, she prompts us to share Four Things that we Loved, Read, Learned, and Ate.

LOVED:  I loved making the pumpkin coasters that I crocheted and used to decorate my mantle for fall.

READ:  I did a blog post here of all the books I've read since the spring and summer.

LEARNED:  I recently bought a kit online to crochet a small octopus.  I enjoyed making this little octopus and it was helpful that the kit came with a pattern and the instructions on a YouTube video.  I thought it came out cute and my daughter will be giving it to one of her friends.  I can't wait to make another octopus in different colored yarn.

I bought this kit on Amazon:  Crochetta Crochet Kit for Beginners.  It was only $13.49 and the box included all the yarn, crochet hook, stuffing, eyes, scissors, stitch markers, needle, and pattern instructions. 

Crochetta Crochet Kit for Beginners, Amigurumi Crocheting Animals Kits w Step-by-Step Video Tutorials, Knitting Starter Pack for Adults and Kids, Jumbo 2 Octopus Familly (40%+ Yarn Content)

Here is the octopus I crocheted.

ATE:  I recently made a quiche and salad for dinner.  The quiche consisted of spinach, cheese, and ham.  You can make this quiche using kale or spinach.  This is the perfect light meal for lunch or dinner.

I hope you have a happy Friday and weekend.

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  1. Oh I just love a good quiche and it pairs so well with salad! That octopus is so cute.

  2. Yum your quiche looks so yummy! I love that cute octopus and the little pumpkins. I hope you have a nice weekend Julie!

  3. The octopus is darling. The quiche looks quite tasty and perfect with a salad. Happy weekend.

  4. OMG the octopus is adorable. You are so great at crocheting. The quiche looks yummy. I love quick and easy meals. Happy Friday sweet friend. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs. Kris

  5. I love the little octopus. Have a good weekend!

  6. I just love the pumpkin coasters and the little octopus! That quiche looks absolutely delicious. Have a great weekend!

  7. Very cute crochet projects, Julie! Quiche is so delicious, but so hard to spell! Lol! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful season. Hugs xo K

  8. Julie,
    I enjoyed reading this post and I really like yorur cute pumpkin coasters!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!!

  9. What a cute little octopus, Julie, and I love those pumpkins, too. I’m always happy with quiche and eat a piece of crustless quiche every morning. Happy last weekend in October 🎃

  10. That quiche looks delicious! I bought a kit from Woobles to make a turtle. I haven't done it yet. I need to finish my current WIP first.

  11. Ok Julie, that octopus just might be the thing that actually gets me started crocheting! How adorable!!

  12. Interestingly, my husband has been asking for quiche. Perfect!! Sounds perfect on a chilly day like today! Love your pumpkins...super cute! Happy Wednesday to you -


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