Fall Dollar Tree Haul 2023

October 12, 2023


Hello friends.  It's been a while since I've done a Dollar Tree post.  The last time I did one was for house hold items I bought last year.  I love going to the DT store but the one we had in our neighborhood closed down.  😡  This means I have to drive out of my way, at least a half an hour to get to the store.  This time I went while my husband waited for me in the car, so I had to make the shopping trip fast!  LOL! 

I love Dollar Tree's seasonal items.  I picked up a few things to decorate my house for fall.  I also noticed that everything is now $1.25, which is still a good price.  

I picked up this pumpkin to hang on the outside of my front door.

I picked up these two decorations to use on my mantel.  I love them and they look high end.  They would cost a lot in a boutique or Hallmark store. 

You can see below the Dollar Tree items I used to decorate my mantel.  I also used the pumpkin crochet coasters I made HERE and added them to my mantel.

I picked up this cute sign to add into the planter I have on my front stoop.  We've had so much rain here that the paper came off of the sign.  I had to fix the sign and glue the pieces back onto the sign.  I'm hoping the paper will stay on the sign.    

I also added these cute scarecrows in the planter along with some flowers.

I love Dollar Tree's cleaning products.  I use this cleaner for my windows and mirrors.

I love using these rubber gloves for washing dishes and cleaning my shower.

I've never used their spices before.  I picked up everything bagel seasoning, minced garlic, and garlic and herb seasoning.

I picked up these hair rubber bands for my daughter.

Have you bought anything from the Dollar Tree store lately?

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  1. Great dollar store finds. I use that window cleaner from the dollar store too and it is fabulous. Love all the sweet decor for Halloween you found. Your cute coasters look nice on your mantel. Have a good day today. Hugs. Kris

  2. Great finds. The dollar store has something for everyone. Cute craft items, party decor and more. Your coasters are so cute. Looking like fall Julie.

  3. You found some really good items--especially for a quick trip with hubby waiting in the car! Been there, done that! :) I love the signs they've been coming out with, they are very high end. I'm always tempted. That pumpkin for your front door is really cute too. I've tried some of their spices and they've been good. I've never seen the minced garlic. That's a great day! The cleaning products are some of my favorites too--especially the glass cleaner. You got a little bit of everything!

  4. Great dollar store finds. I haven't been to Dollar tree in quite awhile and need to check out their seasonal decor.

  5. Fun finds....I like the cute fall decor you can find at the DT. You have to get there at just the right time or the store is either a huge mess (at my DT!!) or everything is picked over!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Yes, I agree with you about how sometimes the store is a mess everything is picked over. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  6. I'm so glad you were able to get to Dollar Tree, Julie! I know it's far for you. What fun things you found there, they're all so festive! I love what you've done with the ones on your mantel, they look great with your coasters. Enjoy the week!!

  7. I love all your Dollar Tree items Julie I think you did very well to say you had to rush. x

  8. I enjoy a Dollar Tree, Julie. We have several in our area and I stop whenever I see one because they all have something different. I picked up some greeting cards - you can't beat the price. I also got a larger scarecrow to stick in the planter by our front door. You found some great stuff...enjoy !

  9. I’m lucky to have my Dollar Tree about five minutes away from my house, Julie. You found some great buys! Happy weekend!

  10. Those are some great finds. I have four different dollar tree stores within a 10 mile radius of me.. But I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to stop by one in quite a few months.


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