Family Food Traditions

July 11, 2022


I'm joining Joanne from My Slices of Life for the theme this month - Family Food Traditions.

I used to make meatballs all the time when I was first married almost 30 years ago.  I've used this meatball recipe from Joanne at My Slices of Life that we all loved.  I hope to get back to making homemade meatballs again.   We like them with tomato sauce and pasta.

Broccoli Rabe and Pasta
I make Broccoli Rabe and Pasta for our family quite often.  It's one of our favorite meals I make for dinner.  I was taught how to make this meal almost 30 years ago by my father-in-law.

Spaghetti Pie
It is a tradition in my husband's family to have spaghetti pie and a meat pie for Easter.  I learned how to make spaghetti pie from my husband's Aunt.  It's delicious tasting and it goes great with a salad.

Stuffed Mushrooms
I usually make stuffed mushrooms that I learned how to make from my husband's aunt.  I make them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

Pesto Pasta
I always grow basil every summer to make my pesto sauce.  I don't use pine nuts for this recipe.  It tastes delicious with pasta.

Lentil Soup
I always make lentil soup during the fall and winter months.  I usually will make it in the crock pot or instant pot.

Irish Soda Bread
I love making Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick's Day.  Our friend gave me this recipe that was his mom's, who was from Ireland.  I've been making this Irish Soda Bread recipe for many years now.

What are some of your family food traditions?

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  1. Everything looks so delicious, but especially the spaghetti pie, Irish soda bread and lentil soup!

  2. They all look great, Julie! I'm with Amy, that spaghetti pie looks amazing. Yum!!

  3. Loved reading about your food traditions- we share some of the same ones!

  4. This is making me hungry! I love reading about your family's food traditions! Everything looks delicious!

  5. Oh I am so happy and flattered to see that you've tried my meatball recipe and enjoyed it! We are growing our own basil this summer in the hopes of having some homemade pesto too.

  6. All your meals look so good, Julie. I like that you use many recipes from relatives, which is so nice. I’ll have to check out Joanne’s meatball recipe. Hope you have a happy week with great meals!

  7. They all sound so good. I want to try the spaghetti pie

  8. All look so yummy. Some I made long time ago but forgot and some I want to try. Thx!

  9. Well, spaghetti pie sounds delish! I make Irish soda bread every year for St. Patrick's day. I should make it more often because my whole family loves it.

  10. Looks great Julie. Family traditions is the best. I shall try Joann’s meatball recipe. The grands love spaghetti, so maybe try spaghetti pie.


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