California Trip - Day 3

September 20, 2021

 If you missed the beginning of our California trip, you can read about Day 1 Here, and Day 2 Here.

The next day we got up early and had our breakfast and then we were off to the Getty Center museum.  I had to make a reservation ahead of time with the ticket to visit the Getty Center, plus admission is free.

We had to take a tram up the mountain to see the museum.  The museum is located on beautiful land and you can see art exhibits, architecture, and a beautiful garden.  We enjoyed our morning exploring the museum.  Below you will see photos of the pretty flowers and garden.

Once we finished our outing at the museum we worked up an appetite for lunch.

Our friend recommended we have lunch at the restaurant Sugarfish.  The sushi is great and below I have some photos of our delicious lunch.

We spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool.  My husband took a nap and I enjoyed listening to the relaxing music and reading my book.  I had Smoky the cat by my side.  Our friend has the most beautiful pool and I felt like I was at a resort.  It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. 

We decided to visit the Santa Monica Pier that evening.  It was a gorgeous night for the pier and fun to walk around.

We enjoyed looking at the beach and seeing the sunset for the night.

We enjoyed another fun day in California.  Stay tuned for the last part of our trip. 

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  1. Julie, what a wonderful way to spend the day! The gardens at the Getty were absolutely gorgeous! The sushi looked delicious, too. How relaxing to sit by the pool in the afternoon then take a walk along the Santa Monica Pier! It’s hard to image a more enjoyable day! Zenda

  2. What a perfect way to spend a day. The Getty gardens are gorgeous. Relaxing by a pool is always a wonderful idea. The pier looked like lots of fun and very enjoyable. Julie you always make the best out of your trips. Can't wait to see more. xoxo Kris

  3. That looks like such a fun trip with sightseeing and relaxing! I thought you were at a resort by the pool at first. What a sweet kitty!! Reading a book by the pool is my favorite! Visiting the Getty Museum looks like a great activity and your sushi lunch looked delish. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The Getty museum is just stunning!

  5. That sounds like another beautiful day in California. I can see why you enjoyed your time at the pool so much!

  6. What a great trip! I think those gardens are amazing and the ocean is always gorgeous, especially in the evening. Fun!!

  7. Great pictures, Julie! The grounds of the Getty Museum look so pretty! I spent a lot of time in Santa Monica when I was working, as our LA office was located there. It's such a great area!

  8. Fabulous photos...and what a fun day ! Makes me feel like calling my friend in California and scheduling a visit !

    1. Thank you Ann! You should call your friend in CA and go for a visit sometime in the future!

  9. Beautiful gardens Julie. I have one of those angel trumpets. It is blooming now. The Getty museum is pretty awesome. Happy Fall Julie.

  10. Wow! The grounds of the museum are amazing! You captured so many beautiful sights. Your friend’s home IS like a resort! I’m so happy that you had this great trip!


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