California Trip 2021 - Day 2

September 16, 2021


We got up early on Day 2 of our California vacation to explore the Venice Canals that are located in the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles.  If you would like to read about our first day in California, you can click Here.

I saw this sign as we entered the Venice Canals.  I will let you look at the photos I took as we walked along the beautiful canals.

After we walked around the canals, we decided to head into Marina Del Rey for lunch.

I was so surprised when this ad popped up for a restaurant in Marina Del Rey on my Instagram feed.  This restaurant Brizo was just perfect for sitting by the marina for lunch.  

We enjoyed looking at the boats docked in the marina as we ate our delicious lunch.

We shared delicious tasting oysters.

I enjoyed a lobster roll sandwich with potato chips.

My husband had fish and chips which he enjoyed.

Once we finished lunch we decided to head to the beach.

Below you can see tents that are set up on the beach that homeless people live in.

I thought the colorful house below looked so cool.

Along the strip, there are many shops selling beach items, and t-shirts, etc.

As we left the beach we came across this house that I thought looked so interesting and cool.  Look at the statues and the angels on top of the house.

We had dinner that night at The Butcher's Daughter which has amazing food.  The Butcher's Daughter is a plant-based restaurant with five locations that serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.  The one we dined in is located in Venice Beach, CA.  They also have restaurants located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

We decided to have cocktails with our dinner.  I had a Mezcalita that was delicious tasting.

My husband liked his Blackberry Mule.

We decided to share all three dishes.  The White Bean Hummus was delicious tasting with flatbread.

We liked the Eggplant Steak Au Poivre dish. 

The Pad Thai was also a great choice that we enjoyed.  I can't wait to visit this restaurant again in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

We enjoyed another day in California and stay tuned for Day 3 of our trip.

California Trip 2021 - Day 1 Here.

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  1. Oh, Julie, thank you for sharing your second day in CA! The pictures of the Venice Canal area were beautiful! What a wonderful day! Zenda

  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures. That's interesting that they let the tents be set up on the beach. Our state, or at least our area of it, has allowed it in the parks, and it was nice at first...thoughtful, and people come to feed them from organizations a lot, which is nice. But now a LOT of active drug users have taken to the area in their tents, and things like blocking the bathroom 'and charging someone to go in' or finding used needles on the ground are taking place and I don't feel safe going anymore. :( I do have a huge heart for the homeless, it's a cause near and dear to me, but as with every good thing, bad things come along with it too, and I think that's true for the tents. Are there any regulations to it? I know that's now what the post is primarily about... it just piqued my attention.

    1. Hi Rosey, the last time I was in CA in 2015 there were no homeless people with tents set up on the beach. I'm not sure about anything to do with the homeless and the tents in Venice Beach.
      Thanks for the blog visit and enjoy the rest of the week Rosey.

  3. Those canal photos are so pretty!

  4. I'm loving your trip recaps! The canals are like the ones in Italy! I'm not surprised the ad popped up on your phone! We've been to The Butcher's Daughter in Brooklyn and loved it! Those houses are all so cool!

  5. I love seeing more of your trip to California. What fun places to visit and eat. xoxo Kris

  6. Looks like you are having a delicious time ! Emjoy !

    1. Yes Ann we ate at some nice restaurants on our vacation. Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

  7. What a fulfilling trip you've had Julie! Thank you for letting us a have a glimpse of your beautiful travelogue!

  8. I didn't know about those canals in Venice - very cool! The Butcher's Daughter looks fabulous - I may have to check out the one in NY.

  9. This brought back many memories of the years I spent in Southern California. I love Venice Beach. Laura

  10. The canals look beautiful and you guys always pick the most interesting places to eat. You should be a food photographer, your pic are always mouthwatering!!

  11. Wow! So beautiful! It looks like you guys had an awesome trip! :-)

    1. Yes Tai East, it was a wonderful trip to California! Thanks for the blog visit!

  12. I enjoyed seeing the canals, the flowers, the homes snd the food, Julie. You and your hubby sure have fun.

  13. Your trip looks like you had a good time. I come from OC so it was fun seeing the places we use to visit. That eggplant steak looked delish. I would love to give it a try.


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