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Blogging Frustration!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello blogging friends.  I hope you are all having a nice day and week.  I am writing this because I'm so frustrated and disappointed with google friend connect!


There have been some changes with google and following people on GFC.  Google now wants you to have a google account in order to follow other bloggers that way on google friend connect.  I have lost many followers within the past few weeks and it's very frustrating to me since we bloggers work so hard on our blogs!!

To read more about google details and plans you can visit my post HERE.  It's located in the middle of the page.

I used to have a google plus account,  and I had many followers there, but it just started getting a little bit too weird for me!  I think I deleted the account unfortunately.  I guess I will have to open up a new account again with the help of my techie in the family.  I am so mad and frustrated at myself for getting rid of the account.

I am so afraid that google will be getting rid of Google Friend Connect completely.  Until I figure out this mess, you can always follow along with me on Bloglovin, by email, and Social Media, which are all located on my sidebar.  

Thanks so much for all of your loyalty and support and for following along with me.  If you have any suggestions or advice, please leave a comment in my comments area on the blog.

Take care and wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend.  



  1. I am feeling your pain, too! I also learned that a few of my followers by email no longer receive the updates when I publish a new post. Errrr!

  2. I deleted google plus to because I thought it was creapy too. So far im still getting friend connects on my GFC. Thanks for the warning.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I lost 70 followers on GFC over the past two days :(

  4. It is SO annoying for all of us Julie. I don't like goggle plus I don't understand it and can't understand how total strangers some of them men add me to their circles it doesn't make sense why would they want to do that. I have lost about 80 followers over the past month. It looks like Bloglovin is the way to go. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  5. It is just a flipping mess all the way around. My understanding is that eventually it is going to go away permanently. Maybe THEN it can go back to the way it was...but probably not. So crazy! Just killing a few minutes visiting blogs waiting for hubby's treatment. xo Diana

  6. I lost a batch of followers in the last couple of days. How is this progress?

  7. Hello Julie,
    That is a lovely picture of you on your side bar.
    I don't know what is going on with Google, but I am sure things are going to change soon. Hope we all make it through!

  8. Sorry about that Julie, I better check on mine, I may have lost some people too! Yikes!

  9. Oh so sorry to hear about the GFC problem. I had an account but didn't like it so I deleted it and so went my pictures on my post. I hope it gets solved soon. Hugs, Ping

  10. I'm sorry you've had such frustration with the blog. That's no fun. I only use Bloglovin to follow other blogs now. I'm not sure how people find me though, I'm sure I'm losing a lot of followers from GFC too!

  11. Hello, I took off the gadget awhile back and I have really enjoyed Bloglovin, I would warn others to stay away from google plus, it is like a web. Why do we need followers? If they enjoy you or your blog they will come to your site. Following by email is also very good!
    Once again it feels like the numbers game! And anyone can find and visit your blog! That is why we are called The World Wide Web... Geesh it really is very complicated!
    Hope you fingure out what works best for you!
    Hugs, Roxy

  12. I agree 100% with Roxy. I don't understand how any of these things work anyway. If I want to follow a blog, I'll sign up via email. It's the only way that matters to me. Guess I'm just old school. (Maybe it's different for me since I'm not on blogger.)

  13. Hi Julie, I have lost followers too in the last few weeks and have never liked Google+ anyway. My technician started my blog with G+ because he said that Blogger was to disappear in the future, but I think if you swap now and continue just with Blogger, you lose all comments ever made by Google+ people. really don´t understand.

  14. I've lost a few as well. Very frustrating :(

  15. Hi Julie,
    Sorry GFC is causing you these problems. I have never used GFC, unfortunately I do not have any thing helpful to share. I do use G+ and although it took a while, I do like it. I do get weird phony men followers from time to time and I just report then block them.
    I know you followers will find you, no matter what because they enjoy your blog.

  16. Hi Julie, yes, it has been unfortunate to lose followers because of this - every day my friend connect shows fewer and fewer followers. Hopefully, they are aware that they have to have a Google + account to follow that way, but when they are cut off suddenly, how do they know? I am not a big fan of Google +, as it does invite spammers more often and I don't like the format. I'm sure that those people that are lost will find you again. Hugs xo Karen

  17. Hi Julie! I know, I've lost quite a few followers myself. I wish they would just leave everything alone. Thank you for popping in to see me and your kind words.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I like your new format. I don't get google plus at all, so I don't have it. I have some sort of google, but very few followers. I find it interesting that a lot of comments say they follow by e-mail. xoxo Su

  19. It's so frustrating, I know...I don't think I had many followers on GFC, I came to blogging late in the game, but I know that some friends have lost tons of people. I hope they find their way back to follow.

  20. I totally understand you Julie :)
    I do have a Google account, but honestly I don't use it....
    My suggestion is using something like MailChimp, so you build your own list of friends

  21. So that's why my GFC numbers went down. Now I know. I tried using Google plus but I also thought it was weird. Never really got the hang of it so I deleted it. I wish they would just leave things they way they were. Maybe things will get better.
    xx Beca

  22. It is so frustrating isn't it. My numbers go down each day which is upsetting. I have a G+ account and spent a few days going through the people who follow me and set up a circle called 'fellow bloggers'. That way when someone follows me on there I can take a look and see if they have a blog and not these weird men and selfie loving women who just want to boost their numbers. I then tick a box saying 'fellow bloggers' and just go to 'home', click on 'more' and then click on 'fellow bloggers'. The feed then just shows the ones I am interested in. I am not a fan of G+ but worried that photos and other gadgets won't work if I delete it. (Maybe I should add a circle of 'weird men and selfie taking women to block' so that it comes up in their feed that they have been added to that circle!). My next task is to go through all the blogs I love and subscribe by email. I do use Bloglovin on occasion but really need to get into that habit. GFC was easy to use, but with the disappointment of seeing numbers go down it is really upsetting. Oh and also I spent a day looking at posts that haven't posted for well over a year, there were so many that sadly have gone away. Sorry, I've gone a bit here, but are as frustrated as you :) Have a lovely Sunday xx

  23. Hi Julie, I am so sorry and I know your frustration. My numbers continue to go down too but nothing will improve or followers come back. All we can hope for is our friends to find us and find a new way to follow most likely through follow by email, but even that is not fool proof as many don't want a loaded inbox all week. I have learned the best way to keep followers and gain new ones is to simply just visit and comment ourselves. Being kind still matters and you do this so well my friend.
    Have a blessed day! xo

  24. Hang in there Julie! I have a google account, but NOT a google "plus". I don't like the openness of google plus. I did join up, but then I realized that most of my family and my sister's daughter-in-law's family etc etc were all on there and they could see my blog (which for many reasons I have kept private from my family). I couldn't unsubscribe to that nonsense quickly enough! I want to be the one to chooose who I connect with, I don't want google plus to do it for me thank you very much. I hope your followers can reconnect with you again through other means. Don't let this spoil your view of blogging though. One little glitch ;)
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
    Wendy xox

  25. I never warmed up to Google + either, but it generates a huge following. So that's why I keep it. GFC has been having problems for years now. Every now and then they change it. It was so good way back then. I never use it, but keep it because of older followers. It's frustrating, but don't let it get to you Julie.

  26. I noticed that as well Julie..but since I have google account so that I don't have differences so far..


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