Five on Friday - Happy Halloween

October 30, 2015

I'm happy to be joining Amy from Love Made My Home for her Five on Friday Series.

I am taking five minutes of my day to share five things.

I'm sharing 5 things I love about Halloween:

1)  I like picking out the candy that I give out to the trick or treaters who come to our house.  One year I bought candy that we did not like (so that I would not cheat and eat it before Halloween) but not this year!

2)  I love eating (sneaking) some candy and chocolates while I give it out to the trick or treaters.  I've also cheated a little bit already on the candy.  Hehe.  I bought 2 large bags of candy this year.  Last year we had a lot of trick or treaters and I used up 1 large bag.  So we'll see what happens this year.

3)  I enjoy giving out the candy to the kids and looking at their cute costumes.  (I do not enjoy looking a big kids with no costumes on)!

4)  My dog Bosco has a new Halloween costume this year and will be dressed up as super dog.  He will help me give out candy to the trick or treaters.

5)  I love looking at the houses decorated for Halloween.  In our neighborhood we have some houses that are decorated with orange lights and a lot of cute and scary decorations.

Do you like Halloween?  I'd love to know!


Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you all back here on 
Monday for Cooking and Crafting with J & J.


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  1. You better get some pictures of Bosco dressed as SD -Super Dog. lol
    I do love to see the kids all dressed up on Halloween and the houses all lit and aglow. So much fun! xo Diana

  2. I love Halloween! We don't get any trick or treaters though. Hopefully that will change as more young families move in. I love the decorations! I bought some candy but haven't opened the bags yet(in case we do get some trick or treaters). We're hosting a small neighborhood party.

  3. Ha ha! I have a hard time not breaking open the bags of candy and sampling a few pieces myself! This year I've been good and the bags are still intact! ;) I'm not too sure how many little ones come to my neighborhood trick or treating since we are spending time with our little grandchildren on Halloween! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Haha, I love sneaky treats too. I also like being nosy and seeing what other people are doing. Have a safe and spooky Halloween.

  5. Amen to everything you just said! Happy halloween!

  6. I give out candy that I like to eat and sneak it, too! Happy Happy!!

  7. I love decorating and eating the leftover candy! xx

  8. I just bought some bags of Halloween chocolates earlier this week and they are already gone. I think hubby sneaked in more than the kids did. We don't normally celebrate Halloween. Our kids are passed that age and since we live on the edge of town we don't get many tick or treaters. Enjoy your weekend.
    xx Beca

  9. Halloween is my least favorite "holiday". We pass out candy and I have a few decorations, but mostly fall-themed, rather than Halloween. I do, however, love the candy! I held out until tonight this year. I think I've had about 10 pieces already :)

  10. I get good candy, but not the ones that I love. Love all the homes that decorate for Halloween. Bosco will look so cute in his costume - be sure to take a picture of Bosco.

  11. I love hearing the jokes and riddles the kids come up with. And I love those little ones that have no problem sticking both hands in the candy bowl!
    Hope you have a wonderful Halloween Julie! Nothing wrong with sneaking into the candy bowl a little . . .right?!

  12. Hi Julie! I loved this! We just bought some candy for Halloween and wasn't going to get into it but my little grandson came over and his granddaddy had promised him some. He came up to me jabbering and said 'tandy'. I knew what he wanted. Well, I had to have a few pieces, just sampling you know! ;) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I'm not a Halloween fan. I've not ever really entered into the spirit of it I'm afraid. Christmas bough I'm totally over the top!

  14. I really don't like scary stuff at Halloween but we always enjoy the candy and my kids love apple dunking !
    Great five, Julie!

  15. Hi Julie, my favs are a lot like yours. I love to see the kids dressed up and the homes decorated. I get candy we don't like either so we aren't tempted to eat it before passing it out. It usually works but this year we've cheated a bit and tasted some. LOL We get about 200 kids in our neighborhood but lots of rain here in Texas this year so not sure how it will go.
    Have a great night. xo

  16. You're smart to get the candy that you like. :) I'm still on walking restrictions a bit, but I'm going out anyway. No way I'm missing Halloween!! :)

  17. My favourite part of Halloween has always been carving the pumpkin! I love the smell inside the pumpkin, because it takes me right back to my own childhood. We get fewer and fewer kids to our door each year, and this year my husband doesn't want to dish out at all. I think I'm going to pick up a couple of bags of chocolate bars just in case. I hate to disappoint the kids who are so excited to be out. You must show Bosco in his super dog costume! I don't think Cody would endure a costume on him for too long ;) Have fun!

  18. I'm with you Julie! I actually think it's a good idea to buy candy you don't like, but I never could quite get myself to do that! lol


  19. My kids love Halloween, but I'm pretty lame when it comes to decorating. I'm with you on the big kids not dressing up. What really gets me is when the parents trick-or-treat with their children - by that I mean coming up to the door with their own sacks of candy to fill. I'm sure your dog is a hit with the kids tonight!

  20. We enjoy celebrating Halloween if it is organised. We don't like random people turning up.


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