Meet Up With Two Bloggers!

October 24, 2015

Hello friends!  I hope you are all having a nice fall weekend.  I've been super busy this week and apologize if I have not visited some of you.  Please know that I read all of your lovely comments and I thank you.

I had the lucky opportunity to have another blog meet up yesterday in New York City in the Times Square area.

Guess who I met?  I had lunch with Amy from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes ( If you remember we met for coffee during the summer.  It was one of the hottest days of summer too!  If you missed that post you can read that HERE ).  

And with..... Ginnie from Hello Little Home!

And don't forget my first meet up I had with Mary from My Dogs My Garden and Mary when I was on vacation in California back in June.  If you missed that post you can read it HERE.

We had lunch at HB Burger & Bar which is right in Times Square, New York City.

We had a nice lunch of veggie burgers and salads that were so good.  We all had so much fun getting to know each other and talking and sharing about our blog stories.

Sorry, but we all forgot to ask the waiter to take a photo of us together!

We all had so much fun and we are looking forward to our next blogger luncheon.

Amy was so sweet and thoughtful and gave Ginnie and I each a package of homemade Rugelach.  To see the recipe to make your own you can visit Amy's blog post HERE.

Here is the Rugelach in the really cute carton that Amy made.  It tastes amazing!  Thanks Amy.

Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable and Janet from Rosemary and Thyme could not meet with us for the luncheon and you were both missed.  We hope to meet up in the future.

Blogger friends are the Best!

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  1. So sorry that I wasn't able to make it, Julie, but it looks like you had a super time...and some tasty homemade treats to boot! Next time for sure! xo

  2. Julie- It looks like you gals had a wonderful time and I think it is funny that, as bloggers, none of you got pictures. lol---which just tells you that you were all so busy talking and having fun that you never thought to snap a single shot. xo Diana

    ps.IF you have time pop over and sign up for the giveaway for my son's newest venture.

  3. Isn't it fun to actually meet blogger friends? It seems like you have known each other forever. I got the pleasure of meeting one when I was in Alaska. So much fun.


  4. My goal for 2016 is to meet some of my blog friends!!

  5. Well how cool was that! I have followed Amy for awhile now! She has awesome post! Thanks for dropping by! Found you on Instagram!

  6. Sounds like you all had a great time meeting each other in person Julie! The burger place sounds yummy :)

  7. So fun to meet up and that homemade treats look so yum...

  8. I had so much fun meeting up with you and Ginnie! I'm still kicking myself that we forgot to take a picture :( Glad you enjoyed the rugelach!

  9. Fun fun fun and so super wonderful to meet in New York of all places!!! So glad you had a wonderful jealous...but positive jealousy ;-)

  10. Hi Julie, wow it looks like you girls had a fabulous time meeting up. The goodies Amy brought look delicious. The pics you got of the city are wonderful. Happy Sunday. cm

  11. How fun to be able to meet up with such wonderful bloggers. The treats from Amy sound yummy. New York City is on my bucket list for a visit. What a beautiful and great city to meet up with fellow bloggers.

  12. You're so lucky to meet up with these lovely bloggers. And in New York City! Could it be any more perfect. One Christmas me and Miss Teen plan to visit for Christmas shopping... one Christmas!! xx

  13. Oh Julie, so glad that you got to meet up with fellow bloggers. I often remember the great time we had when we met. The only thing wrong was we didn't have enough time to visit longer.
    Pictures were great of NYC.
    Enjoy your week,

  14. Julie, it's great you had fun! Have a lovely week!


  15. What fun to get to meet some of your favorite bloggers in real life! It is funny how well you feel like you know some of them even if you have never actually met each other!

  16. I absolutely love, love NYC! Such a fun time for you 3. That gift looks absolutely delicious!


  17. What fun to meet two blogger friends, Julie! The treats that Amy made look fabulous! I need to try her recipe. Yum!

  18. wooow...I know it must be fun indeed Julie..I guess we can meet up as well, we both live in NYC :). let's work on it in November when my works are far better, if you don't mind :)

  19. Glad you had an opportunity to meet with some blogger friends! Hope you are having an excellent week!

  20. It sounds like you had a great time - It's always fun to meet other blogger
    Have a nice weekend - Happy Halloween!

  21. Looks like so much fun!! Glad you got to spend time with your blogging buddies!!


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