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Makeup Monday - How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Makeup Monday on Julie's Lifestyle.  Each Monday I will post about a certain type of makeup, nail polish, face or hair product etc.  It will be a fun place to come visit about anything to do with beauty.  

Week 13 - How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Do you clean your makeup brushes?  It's recommended to give your brushes a good cleaning once a week or at least once a month.  Well I'm guilty of not cleaning mine until the other day when I was on Pinterest and I saw a great tutorial on how to keep your brushes clean. 

If you keep your brushes clean it will help to keep your skin clear and clean of any dirt, germs, and bacteria that can get into the brushes and then onto your skin.  It also helps your makeup brushes last longer. 

Baby Shampoo and water are all you need to keep your makeup brushes clean.  

Here are the steps to cleaning your makeup brushes:

Step 1:  Take a dime size of baby shampoo and put in your hand.  

Step 2:  Wet the brush and swirl the brush around in your hand cleaning the brush.

Step 3:  Rinse the brush of any dirt.

Step 4:  Pat dry the brush and form on a towel.

Step 5:  Let brushes dry.  

In the tutorial that I used it said to place the brushes on an incline to make the brushes dry faster.  As you can see that is what I did.

The brushes were dry the next morning.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest from Heather at Girly Ever After and the link can be found HERE.

I hope you liked this makeup tip I shared with you this week and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Yes-That is smart using the baby shampoo on them. I usually use Ivory to clean my own. xo Diana

  2. Great idea Julie, I never knew this. I will be cleaning mine regular now :) thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays...

  3. I've cleaned mine but I didn't know it needed to be so often. Looks like I'm past due on this job...:) Thanks for sharing the turorial with us...:) Have a blessed evening...Vicky

  4. Thanks for the helpful tips, my dear Julie :) I definitely need to clean my brushes more often! Hugs to you and enjoy your week!

  5. Hi Julie, great tip. I'm pinning. Wishing you the best, Darlene

  6. Great tips Julie, thanks for sharing!!

  7. EEEEE....I always forget! I do wash my hair brushes often. I guess I'll start doing my makeup brushes when I wash them. Thanks for the tips and reminders! Sweet hugs!

  8. So important to do this. Especially if you use any liquid makeup (foundation is the worst) BUT... I, like most, never clean my brushes. ewwww when you think about it. Thank you so much for linking up to Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.

  9. Thank you Judy for the tip, it's a great TIP! I never knew how to clean my pretty brushes. Thanks for your sweet and kind visit, you know you make my day!

  10. I meant Julie...sorry honey!

  11. Julie, I don't clean my brushes often enough and I usually just rinse them with water. Thanks for the tip...I'm going to do this today for sure! :)

  12. Great tip. I need to clean my brushes. I would love for you to share this on my Friday T.G.I.F. linky party @ mamasblogcental.com :) Have a great weekend!!

  13. Great reminder! This is crucial so your make up goes on nice and amooth.

  14. Hi Julie,
    I am so glad you shared this helpful post with us on the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Blog Hop! I have grabbed several makeup brushes from my makeup bag and the bottoms of purses to give them a good cleaning per your tutorial. My skin thanks you!

  15. Thanks for visiting The Four Season’s Blog Hop! Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You.


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