Makeup Monday - Concealer by Michelle Phan

January 12, 2014

Welcome to Makeup Monday on Julie's Lifestyle.  Each Monday I will post about a certain type of makeup, nail polish, face or hair product etc.  It will be a fun place to come visit about anything to do with beauty.  

                                          Week 2
 Concealer Color Mixing Palette by em Michelle Phan Cosmetics

I would like to introduce you to Michelle Phan who is a makeup guru and she has a large following on YouTube.  She now has her own makeup line and gives tutorials on her website on how to apply all sorts of makeup too.  The link to see this concealer and her makeup line can be found here.

This is what the palette looks like and you can see that the concealer comes in many different shades.  I like that there is an assortment of different colors because our skin color is different in the winter than in the summer, when you might need a darker or lighter shade underneath your eyes.

I was introduced to this new makeup by my daughter who watches YouTube videos to see how to apply makeup and she discovered her.  Now I love her concealer and I am willing to try some of her other makeup that my daughter bought for me for Christmas.  I will show you some more of her makeup in future posts.  The shade that I'm using is called Fair and it's perfect for light coloring.

Included with the concealer was a sample of this CC cream and it comes in many different shades.  These shades are - light, medium and deep.  

Also included was a sample of lipstick in 2 shades - misty mauve and daredevil.

I love experimenting with different makeup thanks to my daughter and her love of makeup.  Do you ever experiment with different makeup or do you always use the same product and colors?  

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  1. Julie, I hate to tell you but I am such a makeup dummy! I literally own base, a little powder and mascara. I've never worn much. I use to wear eye shadow, but I really need an eye lid lift. I figure why bother? lol!

  2. Hi Julie, I'm not much of a makeup person. I wear minimal if any at all. I'm a pretty simple person when it comes to makeup, jewelry, or fashion. Glad you're enjoying your gifts.

  3. I love make up, red lipstick is my favourite, when I'm down I put some on and it makes me feel better,,,

  4. I love the idea of including several different concealer colors in the case~ that is genius! I find that I do require different shades based on season...and lately my aging skin (boo!) seems less consistent in general.

  5. I think I'm pretty boring with my makeup. These look real pretty, though!

  6. Lovely shades of lipstick :) I sometimes like to experiment if there are free samples. I stick with a product that I love. Interesting series, Julie - I look forward to seeing the different ideas. xo Karen

  7. Hi Julie,

    For some reason, I am a huge lipstick lover and have purchased many different ones and wish they still gave the mini lipsticks as samples like they did so long ago to try them. Remember they were little white lipstick cases? they were adorable. Glad you like the new makeup line. I am known to layer different lipsticks too.
    hug, Lynnie


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