It's Snowing Outside

January 10, 2014

Hi everyone!  How is the weather where you live?  I know some of you have had a lot of snow and very cold temperatures where you live.  It was so cold here in New York that for a few days it was only 9 and 10 degrees!  Way too cold for me!  We also had snow last weekend which dumped about 7 inches of snow.  I decided to take a few photos of my yard and side garden after my wonderful husband got done shoveling the snow.  I stayed inside and made soup for dinner.  We still have patches of snow scattered in the yard that haven't melted yet and we are slowly coming out of the freeze.  Take a look at some of my photos.

I spent many cold nights this week knitting in the warmth of my home.  I'm almost finished knitting the blue scarf that I have been making and I will show you when I'm done.  I hope you all enjoy the weekend and stay warm.

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Thanks everyone and enjoy.



  1. Way to cold for me there. Your pictures are very good. Stay warm.
    Have a nice warm weekend.

  2. It has been bitter out there lately, hasn't it! On Monday it was -26C (-14F). I've taken pity on my teenage son and drove him to school this week (usually about a 30-minute walk for him). I just didn't want him getting frost bite. Yesterday it started warming up and today it's only -1C. Rain tomorrow?! Crazy weather. I like your snowy photos Julie ... nice to be able to stay indoors while someone else shovels the snow (I'm the snow shoveller here). Enjoy your weekend! Wendy x

  3. My, yes, it is cold and definately snowy outdoors - perfect to snuggle with a hot cuppa, a fire and a good book.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Keep warm!!

  4. Thankfully, it's warmed up quite a bit, but tomorrow it will be raining and we are heading into the city. I guess I should be grateful it won't be snow!

  5. Stay warm. We don't get snow here and winters are mild in south of India. In some northern states in Himalayan mountain ranges, they do get snow.

  6. Oh those cold days were too much for me! I'm dreaming of summer already! Love your driveway- pretty pavers!

  7. Thanks, Julie, we had snow here in Connecticut also. Best wishes, Linda

  8. Cold weather is a great excuse to stay in and knit!! :) We've gotten a lot of that cold and snow here in Michigan too!! Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync, and for the really nice comment you left at my place. :)

  9. That sure looks like a cold wet snow. Hope you're having a day inside with your knitting! Warm hugs!

  10. Hi Julie,

    Your New York snow has made international headlines! Have been seeing pics of all the action for about a week now on the news. Soup is the smartest thing to do, a cozy and comforting meal for your hard working hubby and the family!

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week!


  11. Well on this side of the ocean (I am in Europe) we have been having almost a springlike weather which I am not crazy about and in fact it gives me the creeps. I am not much of a winter person but I appreciate a little snow now and then ... at least to kill all the germs around.


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