Simple Knitted Scarf Pattern

May 14, 2013

Back in April I knitted this scarf for my daughter and I would like to share with you this simple knit pattern that I have designed.  I knitted this scarf with very large knitting needles and it makes the stitches come out large.  The yarn is also light and very soft because baby yarn is used and it will make the perfect scarf to wear for Spring or Summer.


Yarn: 1 skein Lion Brand Yarn, Baby's First - Color: Sea Sprite
Needles: US 17 - 12.75mm and US 35 - 19.0mm
Notion: Tapestry Needle

1. Make a slip knot near the end of the yarn.

2. Cast on 15 stitches using the size US 17 knitting needle and knit 4 rows.

3. For the rest of the scarf use the size US 35 knitting needle, and knit each row until you reach near the end of the yarn.  *Make sure you leave yourself enough yarn to knit 4 more rows with the smaller knitting needle.

4. Switch to the size US 17 knitting needle and knit 4 rows.

5. Cast off and weave in the ends of both sides of the scarf.

Please Note:  For the color choice in the baby yarn you could use a dark color such as navy blue, black or brown for fall and wither.

Please try out this simple pattern and have fun with it!



  1. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this at Domestic Superhero today!

  2. Thanks you I am excited to join in on your Thursday link parties!

  3. Cute! I really like that color!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this post at the Say G'day Saturday linky party. If only I could knit...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  5. Julie, I am a beginning knitter and right now I am all about scarves! I love this one! Great color and easy enough for me to try! Thanks! :)

  6. Hi Julie :) This is lovely! I've pinned and shared - a good pattern to save for when I am more confident with my knitting needles!! Rhondda
    Thank you for linking up at Link & Share Wednesday!!

  7. What a beautiful color! I have really been into sage lately.
    I happened to be looking at this just as I was watching a Knitting and Crochet program on TV and have just watched them do some knitting, I was feeling confident. Almost busted out my knitting needles to attempt. But I only have a very large pair and still can't even really hold them. Hehe. Soon.
    Thanks for sharing at our Yarn Fanatic Party, and for continuing to share with us.

  8. I found it to be a very 'bouncy' yarn, so it was easy on my hands and wrists - and I finished the bridal slippers in no time. Parsinneula


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