Grandma's Favorite Knit Dishcloth

May 10, 2013

I can't believe it's already Week 6 of the 52 Weeks of Dishcloths.  This weeks pattern is easy to knit and it just involves increase and decrease.  This pattern is fun to knit so I hope you join in on this link party.  Here are some photos I took of my progress on knitting the dishcloth.

For the details and the pattern go to Being Spiffy who was passed down this pattern by her mom and grandmother.  To look for the details you can also go to the I'm Spiffy button found on my sidebar.

For the cotton yarn I used Sugar 'n Cream and the color is Peace.  I love the color of this yarn and it's so bright and cheery and will make washing dishes fun.

There is still time to make this dishcloth for Mother's Day.  How about making one for your mom or grandmother?

Wishing everyone a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

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Thanks everyone and enjoy.



  1. I wish I could knit!! I was taught by my mum and she is left handed so my brain doesn't compute correctly when I pick up the needles. This looks brilliant and if I could...I would! Take care. Chel x

  2. So pretty, Julie! Thanks for linking up!

  3. hello im a crocheter i started on this pattern as my first knitting projectbut put it down for a while i forgot what row om on what's the best way to figure thos out without starting over?

    1. Hi Shalonda, what I usually do when I start knitting and I then I stop for a while and put it down, I write down on paper what row I ended with so that I remember when I come back to it. If you are not too far into the project I would rip it out and start over and keep try by writing it down. I hope that this helps you out. Good luck.

  4. I just had an order for 20 dishcloths from one lady. I'm using my money towards a Fit Bit to get me motivated to walk. You pattern looks similar to mine as mine knits up in a triangular shape. Pretty colours.


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