Monthly Musings - April - All Things Spring

April 25, 2024


Hi friends, Happy Spring!

I'm joining Holly and Patty for their Monthly Musings link-up.  The topic for this month is All Things Spring.


1.  Favorite thing about spring?  The weather is warmer and we don't have to wear heavy coats and scarves.  I love to see the flowers and trees blooming.

2.  What are your spring traditions?  I get my house ready for spring by cleaning and putting away heavy blankets.  I like to clean the windows in my house.  I have three floors of windows to clean.  My husband and I work as a team cleaning them in about 3 days.  I like getting my yard cleaned up and ready for spring.  I usually like planting flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  I usually do this at the end of April or the beginning of May. 

3.  Favorite spring outfits?  I like wearing jeans or leggings, a short-sleeved top and a light sweater or cardigan.  I like wearing fashionable sneakers or my tan Steve Madden quilted flats.  I love to bring out my sunglasses and use a light colored crossbody handbag.  I love wearing my camouflage jacket on a warm spring day.   

4.  Favorite springtime meal?  Here are a few meals I love making in the spring.

5.  Spring or loathe?  I do not like rain in the spring or any time of year.  It's so dreary and cold outside.  I love a bright and sunny day. 

6.  Favorite spring flower?  I love the tulips and lilies of the valley flowers in my garden.

7.  Do you get seasonal allergies?  Best remedies, please!  Yes, I have allergies in the spring when the flowers and trees are blooming.  If my allergies are acting up that day, I will take Claritin.

8.  Favorite springtime beverage?  I like drinking iced green tea and iced coffee.

9.  Do you change your home decor for spring?  I don't change too much with my home decor.  I take away heavy blankets off of my couch and I'll use a lighter blanket and spring pillows.  I take away heavy blankets and use a lighter quilt on my bed.  

10.  Lemon meringue pie or strawberry shortcake?  I love both desserts but I would pick strawberry shortcake.


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  1. Those zucchini pizzas look yummy! I feel like I do a lot of the same spring cleaning/prep work as you; only I'm left washing all the windows myself.. though I really can't clean the outside on the 3rd floor.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. Your springtime foods look so yummy! I'm ready for some warmer temps and to plant a few things outside!

  3. Your spring post is interesting. Leaning the windows is always a spring time job. The weather here is up and down. Some days hot and then cold, so my wardrobe changes. We recently grilled for the first time this year, so lighter foods are favored.

  4. Three floors of windows, wow, that's a lot! It sounds like a really big job. I bet it feels great when it's done and all that spring and summertime sun comes shining in!! Happy Spring!

  5. It sounds like window cleaning is a huge job! That task is definitely easier now that we have a one-story house! I love the tulip pictures!

  6. Hi Julie! How nice that you and your hubby clean the windows as a team. You look so cute in your camo jacket. I love seeing our Blessed Mother in your garden. We both have similar statues.
    Have a happy Spring weekend!

  7. Hi Julie....Love your answers. What a pretty garden and great food, too. Three floors of windows - wow! I enjoy opening the windows and getting rid of the dark colored bedding...light colors feel like Spring! Have a great weekend!

  8. Love all your answers. Washing windows is the hardest job of Spring. Seems like I get mine washed and it for sure rains. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Kris

  9. Love your camo jacket Julie- looks great on you! That zucchini pizza? Yes please ;)


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