Monthly Musings - Surviving the Winter Months

February 29, 2024


Hi friends, I'm joining Holly and Patty for their Monthly Musings link-up.  The topic for this month is Surviving the Winter Months, where they ask the questions and we answer them.


1.  WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE WINTER THAT BRINGS YOU JOY?  I like to do little things by going for a walk, reading a book, blogging, treat myself to flowers, exercise, and go out to lunch with a friend.

2.  HOW DO YOU STAY WARM AND COZY?  If I'm not leaving the house, I love wearing a black long sleeve top, a sweater/cardigan/sweatshirt, and black jogger pants to stay warm.  If I'm going out to dinner, I like wearing black or straight leg jeans and a turtleneck sweater with black boots.  I bought the black sweater shown below from Amazon.  It's so comfortable and keeps me warm.

 I also love taking a hot shower at night and getting into comfortable pjs, a bathrobe, and be on the couch with a blanket and watch TV or read a book.

3.  WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS WINTER?  I enjoyed for the first time in two years a few snow storms this winter.  The snow storms weren't huge storms like we've had in the past.  The snow was pretty to look at and not so bad or deep to shovel the snow. 

4.  FAVORITE WINTER ACTIVITIES?  I love taking walks on sunny days and walking in the snow.  We planned a trip last year to Maine, and it was fun going there off season.  We visited Portland, Maine and it wasn't crowded and we went shopping at the LL Bean store during a snow storm.  I love reading a book, crocheting a small project, watching a movie, and blogging.

5.  FAVORITE MONTHS OF WINTER?  I like February because we celebrate Valentine's Day.  I also like the month of March because we like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I usually like to celebrate the occasion by making Irish Soda Bread or muffins.  We always like to go out to a local pub to have our traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage.

6.  FAVORITE DISHES TO MAKE IN WINTER?  I love making soupcrockpot meals, and easy weeknight meals like these air fryer chicken fajitas.

7.  GAS OR WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE?  I don't have either one.  A gas fireplace sounds nice to me because you don't have to worry about putting wood in the fireplace.  It must be nice watching the fire and staying warm and cozy.  

8.  FAVORITE WINTER BEVERAGE?  I love a hot coffee or hot latte.

9.  FAVORITE WINTER MOVIES?  I just watched Paddington Bear with my daughter and I thought this was the cutest movie.

10.  HOW DO YOU STAY HEALTHY IN WINTER?  When the weather permits, I go to my gym at least three times a week.  I usually walk to and from my gym which is a twenty minute walk.  I usually do a weights and Zumba class.  I try to drink lemon water or homemade iced green tea and I try to get a good night sleep. 


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  1. You have lots of great tips for getting through winter! I'm ready for Spring but I know I have to be patient!!

  2. It's the weather for getting outside here but I'll be stuck inside when it gets too hot. Love that black sweater!

  3. I love walking too AND I'm a big fan of black in the winter for sure! :)

  4. Wonderful post Julie. I love drinking coffee and lattes. I wear a lot of black. Winter comfort food is my go to. Love our gas fireplace. Turn on the remote. We also have a unique fireplace. Happy Leap Day.

  5. With half the country talking about SPRING and showing us their flowering trees and budding flowers, those of us in the north simply groan. What do I do---not much in winter, but I do try and get a bit of sunshine when the weather is bearable. We had a 54 degree drop in temps yesterday---LOL. So Winter in the north is simply TOO LONG. And I've started all my seedlings for Spring when it does decide to arrive in Chicagoland. Sandi

  6. I agree that a gas burning fireplace is less messy and much easier to tend to, but there's nothing like a wood-burning fireplace!

  7. I just went out to lunch today; that is definitely something I find myself doing more of in winter.

  8. Yay! Someone else in the link up who buys flowers :) It really is my secret to getting through winter!

  9. Loving making soup during the winter months.

  10. HI...looks like I am late to this party! lol...we are looking at Spring here in TN. That is if Old Man Winter and Mother Nature stop the battle of whose turn it is to come out and play. I am going to attempt to answer your questions anyway...WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE WINTER THAT BRINGS YOU JOY? My winters have been changing and evolving, between my fibromyalgia, surgeries and a recent move I sort of slide into winter before I knew it. This winter, worked on getting the new place in order....oops, did not do a lot of that, still working! lol....I do watch a lot of TV. 2. HOW DO YOU STAY WARM AND COZY? Dressing warm and cuddling up with a throw on the couch with my kitties. I love thick socks and a cup of hot chocolate. 3. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS WINTER? A GOOD Middle Tn we don't get that often, this yr in my new place, did not fail. Eight inches...4. FAVORITE WINTER ACTIVITIES? Read, play with crafts, and watch movies.
    5. FAVORITE MONTHS OF WINTER? Prob Feb. Bday month and looking for spring. 6. FAVORITE DISHES TO MAKE IN WINTER? soups.....all kinds. 7. GAS OR WOOD BURNING FIREPLACE? I prefer wood but I have a fake looking one that is easier for me.8. FAVORITE WINTER BEVERAGE? Hot choc
    9. FAVORITE WINTER MOVIES? anything that holds onto my attention
    10. HOW DO YOU STAY HEALTHY IN WINTER? haha...what is that? This was fun. I think I will borrow your questions and add to my blog but using warmer months. Nice meeting you.

  11. It sounds like you have a way to enjoy winter weather, and a positive attitude! I love to read and stay cozy at home as much as I can, I don't like cold weather! Comfort food definitely helps! Spring has sprung in the South, I hope Spring comes to your area soon Julie!


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