Monthly Musings - January 2024

January 25, 2024


Hi friends, I'm joining Holly and Patty for their Monthly Musings link-up.  The topic for this month is Winter Self Care, where they ask the questions and we answer them.


  1.  How do you take care of yourself in the winter?  I wear warm clothes inside and outside of the house.  I like putting on a lot of light in the evenings and lighting candles in the kitchen while cooking dinner.  I enjoy making homemade soups for lunch/dinner and eating comfort foods.  I use a lot of creams on my face, hands, and body.
  2.  How do you fight the winter blues?  I enjoy reading books, crocheting, and streaming tv shows and movies.
  3.  Tips to make your living space cozy?  I get my house cozy with  a lot of heat to keep warm, blankets on the couch, and a lot of light in each room.  
  4.  Suggestions for fun wintertime activities?  I like taking walks in the neighborhood or take a walk right after it snows. One of my favorite things to do is curling up and reading a good book, cooking and baking, plan a winter getaway, visit a museum, go out to lunch with a friend.  My husband and I like to go to sporting events such as a hockey game, going out to dinner with my husband or with friends.  We love seeing a Broadway play or musical each winter.
  5. What are your exercise routines in the winter?  If the weather permits, I like to workout at my gym at least two to three times a week.  My workouts consist of a weights class and doing a Zumba class.
  6.  Best tips for a restful sleep?  I like to go to bed at the same time each night and not too late.  On the weekends I tend to go to bed a little later.  I don't drink caffeine in the evening.  I like to read a chapter or two in my book before bed.  
  7.  Favorite warm beverage?  I love to drink any type of hot coffee, or in the afternoon hot tea.
  8.  Best winter skincare tips?  I use a lot of cream on my body and face.  I put on my lips each night before bed chapstick, and I put hand cream on hands every night before bed.
  9.  Flannel sheets - yes or no?  No.  I used to use flannel sheets years ago but I don't anymore.  
  10.  Favorite winter pajamas?  I love wearing my Nautica flannel pajamas.  


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  1. All great answers. Stay warm and cozy. Hugs. Kris

  2. A wonderful post about your is my choice in the morning. Maybe tea or cocoa in the afternoon. Stay warm.

  3. Oh I love flannel pj's too- so warm, soft and cozy!

  4. Those are great suggestions even here in the South. I put cream and lotion on at night before bed and I love sleeping with the room cool with warm blankets to snuggle under. Take care!

  5. I feel warm and cozy just reading this Julie! I love my flannel sheets. You do a lot to make your winter more enjoyable and I do lot of the same things!

  6. I use chapstick and lotion each night right before bed too!

  7. We have lots of the same routines, including no flannel sheets. ;)

  8. Great post! Making your home cozy is the best way to overcome any wintertime blues.

  9. A walk after it snows is so peaceful. Thank you for sharing your tips with us this month.

  10. All good ideas, but no more flannel sheets for me !

  11. We're hoping to get to a hockey game or two this winter - one of the best winter activities to enjoy! Stay warm!

  12. I think we all have to be kind to ourselves in the winter. It's my least favourite season. Comfort food is a must and I love my blanket over me when I am sat in my armchair.

  13. Winter is harsh in our neck of the woods, self care is so important. Your routines sound like the ease the pain until summer rolls around again. How many days until we get there? hahaha!!

  14. I'm with you - I really enjoying lighting. It makes the house feel warm and especially cozy. I just added a light to our kitchen (on the counter) and it really makes a cozy difference!

  15. I'm belatedly catching up on Monthly Musings :) I need to do a better job of putting lotion on my hands in the winter.


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