London Trip 2023 - Day 3

January 17, 2024


The next morning, Saturday 12/2/23, we had a quick breakfast at Caffe Nero.  The caffe had great coffee and pastries.

We decided to take a half hour walk to Westminster Abbey.  Below you can see Trafalgar Square.

You can also see in the background, the famous Big Ben.

 We booked our free tickets online to see Westminster Abbey.  The line to get into the Abbey moved quickly.

Benedictine monks founded Westminster Abbey in 960AD.  This church if full of history and it holds services to the public every day.  Westminster Abbey offers 90-minute guided tours to see special parts of the church.  We toured the church by ourselves but the next time I'm in London I'd love to have a guided tour.   

It's the final resting place for kings, queens, poets, musicians, scientists, and politicians of the past.  This is also where the coronation of King Charles took place, and royal weddings such as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

There was so much to see inside the Abbey and we enjoyed visiting the Poet's Corner.

Jane Austen is buried in Winchester Cathedral but there is a small tablet on the wall in the Poet's Corner.

The Bronte sisters are honored with a tablet in the Poet's Corner.

When we left Westminster Abbey you could see in the distance the London Eye.

We headed to Borough Market.  Borough Market is a food market with vendors selling a huge variety of food and drink.

It was so crowded and there were long lines to order and buy food, but the lines moved fast.   

Due to the crowds of people we had to stand in a corner and eat our food.  We shared a pork sandwich and had the most delicious tasting Thai Pad.

We had to try the viral TikTok strawberries with chocolate sauce.  This was so delicious tasting and the strawberries were huge.

We went back to the hotel to change and rest a bit.  We had tickets to see the West End musical Six.  We first had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Lulivo.  The location of the restaurant was perfect and right near the theater.  We shared bruschetta pomodoro, and we both had pasta dishes and the food was good. 

We both enjoyed Six the Musical.  It's about the Six Wives of Henry VIII.  The musical is only 75-minutes long and an all women cast.  I loved the singing, the dancing, and the story each wife told of her marriage to Henry VIII.

After the show we walked around Covent Garden.  We had reservations at The Alchemist.  The drinks are unique and my daughter had a drink that was smoking as she poured it into her glass.  We shared delicious tasting edamame and smashed potatoes.

I enjoyed my espresso martini.

We had a long and enjoyable Day 3 in London.  Stay tuned for Day 4, and our last day of our trip to London.

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  1. A wonderful trip Julie, especially with your daughter. The food sounds delicious. There are so many things to see in London.

  2. Another fabulous day! That show sounds wonderful and all the food looks so delicious. Who can ever pass up strawberries and chocolate?

  3. This looked like such a fun and busy day! We had a very similar day when we visited London. I loved seeing the sites and going to a show at night. That bar sounded so cool! Your photos are wonderful. We saw Six in Philly and loved it!

  4. A very full day! I have been to Borough Market several times over the years. On my trip in September, we just walked through and opted to eat at a nearby restaurant. It was SO crowded (this was a weekend.) It has definitely become more popular recently!

  5. Fun fun fun. You guys packed a lot into 4 days. The musical sounded like great fun. Can't wait for day 4. Hugs. Kris

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful trip! I love it and oh---the things you have seen---the places you've been. I might be a little jealous. Enjoy it all! xo Diana

  7. Julie, you girls jammed a lot of London into just a few days, but it all looks so very exciting!! I'm on my way to catch up on day two...and I can't wait to read about day 4. Stay warm!!

  8. Julie,
    Thanks so much for taking us along on your trip to London....I enjoyed your last 3 posts....It was like being there through your eyes....Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment!! I hope you are staying well!!

  9. Julie, thanks for taking us along on your quick trip to London. I so enjoyed seeing the sites with you and your daughter. Just fill in "tea" every place you had coffee or any other beverage, and I would have been happy all the time to be there! Life has gotten in the way of my blogging and blog visiting the last year or so.

    1. Jean, I had a wonderful time in London and I would love to go back again. It was wonderful meeting up with April!

  10. PS So glad you got to meet April! I would love to meet her.

  11. Each day seems to get better and better! The musical must’ve been so fun. You are such a good planner! Those strawberries had me drooling, Julie. I loved your pretty sweater you were wearing while drinking your martini.

  12. WOW - so much yummy eating!! You guys managed to do, see (and to eat) so much on your trip!!

  13. What a beautiful trip- thank you for sharing this adventure with us Julie :)


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