Costco Finds - April

April 4, 2022


Hey friends, we made another Costco run last weekend.  I'd love to share with you my finds.  

We had to go to Costco last Saturday due to our schedules.  I like going to Costco during the week and first thing in the morning because the store is not as busy and everything is organized and neat.  What I don't like is emptying the car and putting everything away.  LOL.  😂  

I saw this Lucky Brand ladies graphic tee that looked cute as was only $7.99.  I thought the price was great and be careful as this t-shirt runs small.  I usually wear a size Medium but grabbed the XL and it fits me great.  I don't like tight-fitting t-shirts.  I will be tying a knot on the side or front of the shirt for spring and summer wear.  I love anything camouflage.

My husband picked up these Adidas sneakers for only $29.99 and they look great on him.  If you order the sneakers online, they are $34.99.

We needed new colored ink for our printer.

I love using this avocado oil spray when I'm cooking meals.  I picked up two of these. 

We like these Indian Madras Lentils and 8 packets come in a box.  We usually eat these as a side with our meals.  They taste like baked beans but not as sweet tasting.  You heat the packet in the microwave for only one minute. 

We like these Cauliflower rice packets.  They are a great low-carb rice substitute and heat up in the microwave for one minute. 

We like eating salmon and I like that they come frozen and individually sealed.  I will usually defrost the salmon the night before we have dinner.  

We usually get the Beyond Burgers at Costco.  We decided on trying the Impossible Burger patties instead this time.  These are kept in the freezer and can be made within minutes in the frying pan.  It's a great alternative if you don't want to eat real meat.

We like these Polish sausages that are 100% grass-fed beef.  I usually make sheet pan sausage & peppers with this sausage.

We like these grain-free tortilla chips with hummus or salsa.

We enjoyed these seasoned St. Louis ribs for dinner.  They even included BBQ sauce with the ribs.  We only added a tiny bit of the BBQ sauce on top of our ribs.  It was so easy to heat the ribs in the microwave.  We were able to have this for two meals as a lot of ribs came in this package.

On my last Costco run Linda from Life and Linda suggested that I try the boneless beef short ribs.  I bought them and we LOVED these beef short ribs.  I made my Crockpot Beef Short Ribs recipe again and I loved them off the bone.  Thanks, Linda for this suggestion.

What I returned to Costco:

I thought this Kitchen Aid dish-drying rack looked good but it was too small for my counter.  It is only $29.99 which I thought was a great deal.

I thought this top looked cute and I bought it in a size Medium.  It's a nice top but it was huge fitting on me.  I would have to wear a size Small for it to fit me.

One of the things I like about Costco is that you can return items with no problem.  There are no questions asked as long as you have your receipt and your Costco card with you.

Have you bought anything from Costco lately?

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  1. You got a lot of great things. Happy New Week. xoxo

  2. I prefer shopping during the week as well but also do not enjoy the putting away when we get home; especially repacking all the meat/chicken/etc. we buy into smaller one meal-sized portions. We bought short ribs on our last trip to Bj's so we could try out your recipe this month!

    1. Yes Joanne, I agree with you about shopping in the morning and during the week at Costco. That is awesome and I hope you like the beef short ribs! Thanks for visit and have a nice week Joanne.

  3. I always like to see what you find at Costco. On my last trip, I got same really cute skorts, and some cotton t-shirts. I think their meat is the best around, and I always buy the filet mignon, I had the cooked ribs recently and thought they were delicious!

  4. Some great finds as always Julie, I like the sound of those lentils nice for a change and the new t shirt is lovely. Xx

  5. I love camouflage clothing! I’ll look for the avocado oil and those boneless short ribs, Julie. I always love seeing your finds. I bought their filet mignons last time and I always get a rotisserie chicken. Hope you have a great week!

  6. You did well! I saw that camo shirt and thought it was cute and a great deal. Good to know that it runs so small. I went to Costco the other day by myself and had a good look around. I'll be posting my finds soon. I love that little dish rack (I don't have it but I always think it's a great find!). The cauliflower rice is a staple for me. Those chips are really good too!

  7. I love Siete chips and so cool that Costco has lucky brand.

  8. Love your Costco finds Julie! Our Costco opens an hour earlier on Tues and Thursdays for seniors and we love going during that time. I'm going to try the cauliflower rice. My hubby is diabetic and needs to cut out regular rice - but he loves it! And I'm beginning to think all Costcos are not the same. I've never seen those ribs with the sauce separate. I would love to get some like that. I don't like the ones smothered in sauce.

  9. Hi Julie, such great finds, So glad you got the boneless short ribs. Now look up Stone Gable's short ribs in a crockpot. They are heavenly. Thanks for the shout out. Whenever I cook those short ribs for guests, they are hooked. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Julie, great finds! I really like both of those tops. I hope you can get the second one in a smaller size. Have a great week! Zenda

  11. Lucky brand is one of my FAVORITE brands. I have a couple of handbags and some jewelry and love it. How LUCKY to get a cute top!

  12. Good shopping trip, Julie ! I love the clothes, too - it's nice that you can take back what does not work. We always buy that good, so convenient to always have in the freezer. We stock up when it goes on sale. Enjoy your purchases and have a great week !

  13. I've never seen Avocado spray, that sounds like a great alternative to olive oil spray. I used to use olive oil spray on everything until I read the ingredients on the can and there are too many weird unknowns for my liking...I've been using duck fat spray but that stuff is pricey! Thanks for the heads up Julie!

  14. Julie,
    I always enjoy seeing what you buy at Costco's as we do not have one near us...Ours is a Sam's Club...Thanks for sharing and thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave such a sweet comment!! Have a great day!!

  15. Such great finds- love that camo tee!

  16. Thanks for showing off your finds! Visiting you from the thursday favorite things link up.

  17. Love that camo shirt, Julie. I'm a big fan of that pattern, too!!


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