Costco Finds - March

March 4, 2022

 I can't believe it's been a while since my last Costco Finds blog post.  I'd love to show you all the items I found on our shopping trip last weekend.

It's been a while since I've been to Costco since I also belong to BJ's, shop at Trader Joe's, and shop at all of our local grocery stores for food.  This happened to be a large shopping haul.  We bought other items besides food.

I follow on Instagram @costcohotfinds and after seeing these jogger pants they shared I had to have them.   

I bought two pairs of these joggers in size Medium at Costco but online.  They are still on sale for $12.99 a pair.  These joggers have got to be my favorite pants for wearing around the house.  These joggers are comfy and come in three colors.

I have to admit that I have a lot of winter boots.  I have two pairs of Uggs, black snow boots from Costco, and I couldn't resist these LL Bean dupe boots.  They come in two colors, are well made, and cost about $27.00.  These will be perfect for our snowy and rainy days in March. 

I bought this ten-pack of athletic socks to share with D. 

We use these frozen berries in the protein shakes we make for breakfast.

This is a new to me food product.  I thought this cauliflower stir-fry rice would be great for a side with our dinner.

I shared this crockpot beef short ribs recipe recently and they were a big hit in this house.  Well, Linda from Life and Linda suggested I try the boneless short ribs from Costco.  I bought the package of meat and I divided it up and put it into freezer paper for another time.  I can't wait to make the short ribs again.

Since lent is starting this week I bought this frozen salmon to make for our dinners. 

We like these stuffed peppers and we can stretch it out for two dinners.

We never get tired of this Ceasar salad kit.  We can eat it at least two to three times.

This chicken quesadilla is so delicious and easy to heat up in a skillet.  The kit comes with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.

My hubby likes taking these krill oil pills.

We like taking vitamin D3 pills too.

I grabbed this cleaning spray as it hasn't been in Costco for a long time.  I love using this Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray throughout my house.

We use this protein powder for our daily shakes.

This is another new to me coffee and we both like it.  The area to grind the coffee was free and it grinds so fast in their machines. 

Have you bought anything from Costco lately?

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  1. We bought a very similar giant bag of frozen fruit from Bj's and my husband uses a few each to day to flavor his water along with a slice of lemon. I was thinking they'd make great smoothies too!

    1. The frozen fruit is great but we love it in our protein shakes. I hope you have a nice Friday and weekend Joanne.

  2. Just in time for my trip to Costco next week! I'm going to look for the cauliflower rice, stuffed peppers and quesadillas. I always love to check out their clothing - I got a cute black skort on my last visit.

  3. Of course I’m saving this post for when we finally get that Costco membership! I’m hearing though it gets so crowded so I think I’m going to want to go right when they open.

    1. We LOVE Costco and it does get busy but we always go first thing in the morning Andrea. Have a nice Friday and weekend Andrea.

  4. You found some great things! I have those socks and love them! I have to try the joggers and the coffee. I'm going to look for that Mrs Meyers! Great deal!

  5. You always find great things at Costco. Gotta love Costco. I might have to look for those joggers next time I visit costco. I take Vit. D and I buy the same ones at Costco so much better in price. Happy Friday. Have a great day. xoxo Kris

  6. What a pity we have no Costco here, I always enjoy seeing your finds Julie. Have a great weekend. xx

  7. Wow, you grabbed so many great things. I love the boots. I remember shopping at Costco with my mom when it first opened. We'd get lost in that store for hours!! Have a fun weekend!

  8. Hello ♡
    You have a wonderful blog. Great post, it's very inspiring here and I love this style on blogs :)
    Great shopping! I haven't been to big purchases for a long time, I like it very much ^^
    I love such inspiring blogs, maybe you want to stay in touch and agree to follow for follow on our blogs?
    Regards nice and warm from Poland ♡
    Klaudia Zuberska

  9. Great buys, Julie. We love the salmon from Costco - so good to have on hand. I saw the Mrs. Meyers and did not buy it as I purchased the EverSpring Rosemary and Mint at Target and am disappointed. It does not have much scent at all. Will go back to Mrs. Meyers! Have a great week and thanks for sharing your good finds!

    1. Hi Ann, that is too bad about the cleaning spray from Target. I like using the Mrs. Meyers cleaning spray and so happy when I saw it at Costco. I hope you have a nice week Ann.

  10. I was just at Costco last week, Julie. I need to check with you first!! Lol!! Those boots and the joggers are so cute. I’ll look for the boneless short ribs. I used my yearly check on some tenderloin steaks, as a splurge. I wish I had seen the Mrs. Meyers sprays. Thanks for sharing, Julie. Have a great week.

  11. You got a lot of great things! that salad looks so tasty and the joggers seem like such a good buy for colder weather, along with the boots :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

  12. Who knew Costco had so many delicious bites? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Looks like a score Julie. We need to go shop again. I love the boneless short ribs. Cute boots too. I am happy to feature your amazing finds at Love Your Creativity.


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