Friday Favorites - End of August

August 28, 2020

Hello blog friends.  I can't believe that it's already the end of August.   This month seemed to fly by so fast and I just want to enjoy this beautiful summer weather while I can.  I will be busy next week getting ready to bring my daughter back to college.     

I have my Friday Favorites - End of August Edition:

1.  Outdoor Dining
We recently had one of my husband's work associates over for a BBQ.  The weather was beautiful and just perfect for outdoor entertaining.  We started with a charcuterie board from Wegmans.  We enjoyed the olives, cheese, peppers, salami, along with rosemary bread.  We had for dinner Bbq Korean beef, salmon teriyaki, and assorted salads.  We also had (not pictured) for dessert a delicious strawberry shortcake from Wegmans.    

  These gorgeous flowers were gifted to me and stayed fresh for two weeks.  For my Instagram friends, you might remember seeing this flower photo, @brklynhousewife I posted. 

2.  New Crochet Project
I'm so happy I have a new project that my daughter requested for me to crochet.  I am crocheting Appa who is from Avatar:  The Last Airbender.  Appa is a sky bison. 
I started making Appa and I had a problem from the beginning of reading this pattern.  I was happy and thankful when I had the help of two crochet designers.  You may know them from blogging and Instagram @mayakuzman and @alhanaart.  Thanks, friends.  :)

Starting the progress of creating and crocheting Appa.  I usually work a little bit each day on the body parts.  I will show you when the project is finished.
3.  New Shoes 
I have wanted Birkenstock sandals for a while and treated myself to a pair.  I took advantage of Famous Footwear's sale of buy one get one-half price.

This is the second pair of shoes I ordered and love that they were only $20 for the sale price.  I can't wait to wear these for the fall with jeans and leggings.

4.  Bosco Hanging Out
Lately, we've been sitting outside after we have our dinner.  You can see how Bosco enjoys relaxing with us too.  I'm a little sad as I've noticed that it's getting darker earlier now in the evenings.

5.  Pasta Dishes
My daughter had her friend over one evening.  They made a pasta dish for dinner called cacio e pepe, which is pasta, cheese, and pepper.  We also had an arugula salad with strawberries and goat cheese.  YUM!  

I have a lot of basil growing and I made my homemade pesto sauce.  If you like pesto sauce then you are going to love this recipe.  I made the pesto with bow tie pasta.  

6.  Beautiful Sunset
I've been taking evening walks with my husband when I don't do a Zoom Zumba class.  We took a walk the other evening and we enjoyed looking at the sun setting over the water.  

Wishing you all a happy Friday and weekend.

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  1. hi Julie! Your menu from your dinner party is fabulous! Yes, where did the summer go and the days are noticeably shorter now. Your Bosco is so sweet and I know you are delighted that your daughter requested the crocheted cutie! Fall here we come!

  2. Lovely post Julie, I love all of your favourite things, good luck with making Appa he's so cute but I bet so fiddly to make, that sunset is gorgeous, have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Thanks for the blog visit Linda and I'm glad you like my favorite things Friday. Yes, Appa is cute and crocheting him. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Looks like you’re really making the most of summer, Julie!! I hope your daughter has a wonderful year at school. Enjoy that packing! 😉

  4. Hi Julie! The pasta dish looks delicious! I love unexpectedly catching a beautiful sunset. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the blog visit Gabrielle. The pasta dish was good and we enjoyed the sunset.

  5. Both your pasta dishes look delicious!

  6. Oh my your pasta dish looks so yummy. Wishing your daughter the best at school. The Appa is adorable. Little Bosco is always sooooo cute. Have a good weekend.

  7. Appa is adorable, Julie! I'm also enjoying these last days of summer and I also love pesto. Great minds...

  8. Hi Julie...So happy you had a dinner party! It looked wonderful and sounded delicious. I miss going out to eat ( even though we did not go very often since I love to cook) but I really miss having people here at our home for dinner, brunch, coffee and dessert....Since my dear husband had a heart attack at the end of February, is still having some issues, and had eye surgery last week - well, we are being VERY cautious. I love to create a menu, tablescape, make a take home treat....I will be looking forward to all that when this Covid time is over and we get back to a new normal. Good luck to your daughter at school...and I love your animal print shoes. You are going to ROCK this Fall !

  9. How nice to have a dinner party, Julie, and the menu sounded wonderful. Your crocheted project looks so cute. I love those animal print tennis shoes!! I'll bet you pasta with homemade pesto was delish!

  10. What a beautiful view you have for your walks! My daughters love cacio e pepe too! Yay for your own pair of Birkenstocks. They are my favorite! Your other pair are really cute too. Appa is so cute! Good job. We've had a lot of basil and I've been making pesto dishes as well. Bosco looks so cute hanging out. How fun to have a get together!

  11. Love your favourites, Julie! The Appa is stunning and your daughter will adore it- that is for sure! Thank you for the lovely mention; I was quite surprised when I saw it, lol...

  12. Lovely views Julie. The crochet project is darling. pasta is so yummy with basil. Bosco is a cuite. Enjoy the week Julie.

  13. A fun post Julie! Love to eat outdoors. A little bittersweet now as we know these lovely days will soon be turning cold, so we're enjoying as we can. Your dinner party menu sounded wonderful. I have a lot of basil right now and have never tried pesto, so you have given me an idea. xo

  14. Looks like lot of fun! Love your Appa. He's so adorable❤️. The pasta looks delicious with fresh basil pesto. Finally such a gorgeous view of sunset. Wishing you a lovely September :)

  15. Oh what a cute crochet project! It looks adorable! :) It's nice you've been able to enjoy eating out outside so much too :) We are still just doing takeaways rather than eating in restaurants although they have been open for a while - maybe when it's nicer to sit outside we might give them a go, once spring weather properly arrives here :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)


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