Friday Favorites - Middle of May

May 15, 2020

Hello blog friends.

Can you believe it's already the middle of May?  I'm happy the weather is finally warming up here.  

I have my Friday Favorites to share with you today.

1.  Salad
We went to our favorite place Just Salad for take out salads again.  I loved eating my Protein Vegan Salad which consisted of romaine, kale, chickpeas, edamame, beets, pickled onions, roasted pumpkin seeds, and hemp hearts with a maple cider vinegar.

2.  Costco Finds
Mr. JCL and I made a recent trip to Costco and I bought this Everything Bagel seasoning.  This seasoning is a big hit and we love putting it on avocado toast.

I needed new kitchen towels and I love these new Ralph Lauren towels I scored.  

3.  TikTok Recipes
I love these TikTok recipes my daughter has been making lately.

She made this Avocado Egg Bake in muffin tins.  We like it so much that we've had it two times already.  I'll share this recipe with you soon.

My daughter and friend also made Buffalo Cauliflower and Honey Barbecue Cauliflower.  It came out so good that we've had this about 4 times.  I'll share how to make the cauliflower recipes soon.

We've been enjoying these recipes curtesy of my daughter and TikTok.  

4.  Birthday Tea
We celebrated my daughters birthday last week.  Her college friend gave her this box of teas with all of her favorite literary authors on each tin.  I enjoyed the tea in the William Wordsworth tin.  It was the perfect gift for my daughter.

5.  Birthday Food
I went to our favorite cafe for birthday take out food.  For the birthday breakfast we had bagels with egg frittata's.

We had chocolate Oreo cake and I bought rainbow cookies and a chocolate pastry.

6.  Bosco Chilling
The weather was so nice last weekend.  Bosco enjoyed just chilling in the yard.

7.  Mother's Day Plants & Flowers
Every year for Mother's Day we visit a local nursery and we buy plants and flowers.  I enjoyed the day with my family planting everything in the yard.  We also did take-out food from a local Irish Pub that was just perfect. 

Thanks for the blog visit.  Have a Happy Friday and weekend.

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  1. Happy Friday beautiful! Happy belated birthday to your daughter, all the food looks so yummy! It’s making me hungry! Finally, I can uncover all my plants and flowers as it doesn’t look like any more frost, I had to cover them for almost 2 weeks! Have a sweet weekend!

    1. Thanks for the blog visit and the birthday wishes for my daughter. All of the food we've been having lately is so good! Yes, finally the plants and flowers will be safe with warmer weather. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I know you are enjoying having her at home. The teas are a great gift and I'll look for the everything seasoning! You might not believe this but we had our first everything bagel this week! Our bakery had put three bagels together and one of them was everything! Hugs!

  3. The salad sounds amazing, Julie. Looking forward to the cauliflower recipes.

  4. I would love that salad minus the beets! Everything looks so good! It looks like you're making the most of this crazy time. I'm glad your daughter had a nice birthday, those teas look nice! We've been stocking up on that bagel seasoning and buy it for both of our girls. I got the same towels at Costco last week! Twinning, Julie! Your flowers look so pretty, I still need to buy ours. Bosco is dapper and handsome as usual!

  5. Lots of good stuff, Julie! I love the TikToks! What's her user name there, I know my girls would love to check out that avocado recipe. That's right up their alley!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! your salad sounds amazing, yes doesn't it cheer you right up when the weather starts to get warmer and we can potter in the garden. All that food looks yummy I've never had chocolate Oreo cake before, I want some! Have a great weekend Julie. xx

    1. Thanks Linda for the visit and bday wishes for my daughter. The salad is so good and same for the rest of the food. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Little Bosco is adorable with his little arms crossed. The salad looks so yummy. All the food you showed looks delish! Hope your daughter had a great birthday. Kind of different this year how we all have to celebrate birthdays. Have a good weekend.

  8. that salad looks delicious! Happy birthday to your daughter! :) it's nice you've been able to visit your fave places for takeaway too! Our restaurants and cafes have opened (with restricted numbers) now but we will still be getting takeaway for a while.

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

  9. Your flowers look pretty, I've not purchased any yet; perhaps this week. I think we're finally past the danger of frost. The avocado bake looks wonderful. I love avocado's and will interested to see your recipe. I've not seen the bagel seasonings, will have to keep an eye peeled next time we go.
    Sandy's Space

  10. Happy Birthday to you dear daughter, Julie. The tea gift was perfect. I can't wait to to the recipes that you'll be sharing. I have some of that seasoning, but mine came fro World Market, awhile back.

  11. My mouth is watering from all of those food pictures! I buy bagel seasoning at Trader Joe's - they call it Everything But The Bagel. The frittata on a bagel looks so good!


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