Bathroom Redo - Part Two

June 20, 2018

Hello friends.  Today I'm sharing with you Part Two of my Bathroom Redo.  In case you missed Part One, you can read about that HERE.

(This is a photo of the old Bathroom).

We finally made our decision to have Lowe's do our bathroom gut and redo after having a long consultation meeting with the experts at Lowe's.

My husband and I wanted to have Lowe's do the work since we liked all of their products and everything was available for the bathroom in one place.

First I had to pick out the color scheme I wanted for the bathroom.  I love the grey and white look and went with that color scheme.  I spent about two and a half hours picking out everything with a salesperson and ordering everything.

I had to pick out the tiles I wanted for the shower walls.  I also decided I liked the look of tiles going half way up the wall outside of the shower too.  I picked out white with grey large tiles for the walls.

I decided I liked the look of wood for the floor.  I picked out the grey wood tiles for the floor.

(Wood tile for the floor and grey and white tile for the walls).

I had trouble deciding on what kind of vanity I wanted.  I originally wanted the vanity seen below top left photo but that would not be available until the middle of February 2018.  We decided we were going to have the work done the beginning of January 2108.  We did not want to wait that long for the vanity so after very much thought and consideration I decided on the vanity in the lower left photo.

I was lucky because the vanity I chose came in a larger size and was available within one week.  I love how the bathroom vanity looks like a dresser drawer.  The top drawer does not open due to the plumbing but that's ok with me.  This style is a lot different than what I'm used to but nice because it makes me not keep as many unnecessary things in the drawers that I don't use or need.  I keep everything else that I need in my linen closet in organizing baskets.

(Deciding on new vanity for the new bathroom).

allen + roth Tennaby White Marble Undermount Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Natural Marble Top (Common: 30-in x 22-in; Actual: 30-in x 22-in)

I had to choose a new tub, shower head, and accessories for the tub, and a new shower door.  I chose everything in the brushed nickel look.

I also had to pick out the toilet and picked out a Kohler top button duo toilet.  I love the sleek look of this toilet.  The smooth bottom will be great when cleaning the toilet.  The toilet also sits higher off the floor.

KOHLER Persuade White WaterSense Labeled Dual Elongated Chair Height 2-piece Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size

I never had a shower door in this bathroom before and I always used a shower curtain which I really liked.  The one request from my husband was a shower door.  Well, I decided on one but with a frosted door.  I did not want guests coming over to use the bathroom and seeing everything in the shower.

The shower door I picked out is similar to the one shown below but sits on top of a tub.  I figured one of us might want to take a bath at some point.

Sterling Finesse 54.625-in to 59.625-in Frameless Silver Sliding Shower Door

I next had to decide on what bathroom paint color I wanted on the walls.

Image result for valspar gravity

After looking through many paint chips and paint samples for the walls I decided to use the paint and color shown above.

I love this color and it looks great on the bathroom walls.  This paint color goes really nice with everything.

Below you can see how I bought a small sample of the paint color and painted spots on the bathroom walls.  I found that this was a great way to decide on the paint color I wanted for the walls.

Well, that is Part Two of the bathroom gut and redo.  Please stay tuned for Part Three coming soon, for a look at our finished bathroom.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my bathroom redo.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

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  1. I love all of the choices you made. I've been looking for a vanity for one of the powder rooms. I love that style! The paint color is perfect! You had to make a lot of decisions!

  2. I went back and took a look at the first post about the redo. It is always a lot when you are getting into updating/redoing everything in a room. Love the color you picked out. Can't wait to see it all together.

  3. The hard part is the decision making. I'm glad that's behind you and now all you have to look forward to is the installation. Gray and white is so pretty together.
    xx Beca

  4. Oh Julie! I love all the colors and choices you made. I have always liked that wood look floor tile. I can't wait to see the finished result!! I bet it's outstanding.

  5. Great choices! Its all going to look so good!!!

  6. How nice to have it done all at the same time. So many times we work on home improvements a little at a time and the work goes on and on forever. I like your choices too and I think you'll love having a shower door. Very nice!

  7. I love everything you chose, Julie! Can't wait to see the big reveal! I would like to re-do our master bath, but we decided just to put in a new vanity. If I were going to gut it, I know I'd go with the wood tile floor. Looking forward to your next post!

  8. I am loving all the things you have picked out Julie. I cannot wait to see the reveal. Have a great rest of the week.

  9. This is all so exciting! I can't wait to see the finished new bathroom! LOVE that toilet! My first thought was how much easier it will be to clean the base! I always hate doing that and usually mop it. lol
    Your color choices are beautiful too!

  10. My bathroom is desperate for a redo! Cannot wait to see what you do wit yours!

  11. Choosing everything is so hard, isn't it? I love your choices and the gray is a good way to go. You can pop different colors in there if you want to....everything goes with gray!

  12. GREAT choices, Julie! I love it!! I can't wait to see it all done...and I bet you can't either. Hope you have a great night and I hope this comment comes through for you! xo Diana

  13. I wouldn't have wanted to wait for the vanity to come in either. I like your choice, it turned out so lovely nice!


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