Five on Friday

June 8, 2018

Hello friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!

It's time for another Five on Friday.

1)  I happened to be walking by this florist in a nearby neighborhood this past spring.  The bright pink color of these hydrangeas caught my eye.

I love these flowers and they are my one of my favorites.  I love this pretty shade of pink and I love them in blue and purple colors.  (You might have seen this photo recently on my Instagram account).

Pink Hydrangea Flowers

2)  Walking Bosco in the late afternoon during the spring.  I tried calling Bosco so I could get a front photo of him but he continued to walk ignoring me!  LOL.

Walking Bosco

3)  We visit Trader Joe's to food shop on occasion.  I was waiting on line to pay for our groceries when I looked up and I saw the beautiful tin ceiling with a lot of lights.  This was an old bank converted into TJ's.

Ceiling at Trader Joe's

4)  One Saturday afternoon my husband and I went to the local bookstore and then we went out to eat at a Mediterranian restaurant.  We both had a big meal and I had a Falafel sandwich in pita bread, seasoned fries, and a salad on the side.

It was so good!

Seasoned Fries and Salad to go with Falafel

5)  I am in love with this cream from Kiehl's.  This is a light facial cream that I use in the morning before I apply my makeup.  It really makes my skin feel so soft.  I have been using this for a while and it seems to work good on my skin and it's great for all skin types.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Friday and a nice weekend.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your 5 on Friday, Julie. Thanks for the recommendation on the facial cream. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Hey Julie! Great captured moments. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in the big city!
    xx Beca

  3. I love Kiehl's products and those flowers are so pretty!

  4. That looks like one pretty Trader Joe's. Ours are so boring!! :)

  5. A lot of goodness in this post! My dog never turns around either!

  6. I love these posts! Now I want some Mediterranian food! I am going to look into that Kiel's cream too.

  7. Awww little Roscoe enjoying his walk with you. Too sweet. Love seeing all the fun you had. The Kiel's cream sounds wonderful. My dermatologist told me about Cerave that I get from Walmart. I love that one too. My dermatologist said it is the best moisturizer out there. It does make your face feel soft. I have seen a big difference in my skin especially with the sun on my face this summer. It keeps your face from feeling dry.
    Happy Saturday my friend. Have a great weekend.

  8. Ha ha never let the photo get in the way of a good dog walk! Although bless him, my crazy poodle is quite well trainined in being a top blog dog with his photos but only after a good walkies!
    Happy days
    Wren x

  9. I use that face cream too! It's the best. Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things!

  10. Really a great 5! I love those gorgeous Hydrangeas, and what an awesome ceiling!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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