Finished Bathroom Redo - Part Three

June 27, 2018

Hi everyone.  This post is the final reveal of the Finished Bathroom Gut and Redo!

 The bathroom had to be gutted out of everything in the old bathroom.  This is what the bathroom looked like when everything inside was ripped out and taken away.  Not too pretty!

As a result of gutting out the bathroom, there was so much dust and mopping I had to do each day.  It was a lot of work for us to keep clean, but worth it.

Bathroom Gutted Out

We decided to put in a glass shower door over the tub.  I am not used to that look and always had a shower curtain for this bathroom, but now I really like it.

New Bathroom

One of my favorite parts about this bathroom is the vanity.  I really love it and it works like a dresser drawer.  The vanity is large and can hold a lot of items.  It has some dividers inside the drawers for different sections to hold things.  The top drawer does not open due to the plumbing, but the bottom two drawers do open and can hold a lot.

Bathroom Vanity

I love this toilet and it's narrow and has a dual flush on top and it's by Kohler.  The bottom sides of the toilet are very easy to keep clean.  The toilet paper holder is from Bed Bath and Beyond and I was so happy that they have a huge selection of toilet paper holders.

I had the tile put up on some of the walls because the wall used to get holes in it and now that will not happen.  The towel rack is from Lowe's and I have two hooks on the back of the door from there too. I chose a light grey color for the walls and I like how it goes well with the rest of the bathroom.

The medicine cabinet is just the perfect size.  It can hold a lot of items and I have it set up like a drug store all neat.  The faucet is the brushed nickel look.

I decided to go with a tile floor but the wood look.  I just love the way this looks and it's so easy to keep clean.

Bathroom Wood Tiled Floor

The ceiling used to come down low and the workers took it away so that I now have a high ceiling.  With the four lights, I now have plenty of light in the bathroom.

High Ceiling

We decided to keep our old door since it was not in bad condition.  It just needed a new coat of white paint.  I did change the gold doorknob to silver brushed nickel.

New Door Handle



We are so happy with the way the finished bathroom came out and we all enjoy using it.  I love that it is brand new and updated.

Thank you to everyone who visited me for this bathroom series.  Everything we used to renovate in this bathroom is from Lowe's.  This was not a sponsored post for Lowe's. 

If you would like to see Part One, click HERE.  To see Part Two, click HERE.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

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  1. It is so gorgeous! I love all of your picks, that vanity, the tile, the floor and the shower door! It looks amazing!! Great job!

  2. Julie- That turned out beautifully. You did a great job with the choices. I love the tile on the walls and the floor. I do like the glass door, too--I see you went with an obscure glass---me, too. I don't want anyone looking at my body at this age! NOT pretty! lol Hope you have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  3. I bet you're glad the construction phase is over and now you can enjoy your new bathroom. It looks great. Love the floor. That taller ceiling probably makes the space feel larger. Nice touches.
    xx Beca

  4. It looks great! All new and shiny and clean. Love the tile on the walls and the floor looks like real wood.

  5. I love it!! I didn't know you could get tile that looks like wood (and it does look authentic). The lights in the ceiling are great too, and hurrah for extra storage space via the vanity!

  6. Julie, it's fabulous! Everything looks great, but I am especially loving the floor! If I were to re-do, I would also want to use tile that looks like wood. Enjoy your new bathroom!

  7. It really does look fantastic! I know you must be so pleased. LOVE the brushed nickel and the flooring you chose. The lighting is very nice too! Beautifully decorated too! Hugs!

  8. Everything in your new bathroom is beautiful Julie. Doesn't it feel wonderful to have a bathroom like taken out of a magazine?! I have a soft spot for vanities and love loking at them at other people's. Like yours, in addition to being pleasing to the eye it certainly has to be functional.Great redo, once again!

  9. Julie, this is so fabulous! I was waiting for it and it has exceeded my expectations! The details are wonderful and elegant, yet warm and charming. Perfect. Enjoy that floor!!

  10. Hi Julie,

    Kim was so gracious to tell me about your blog and I am so glad that she has. Your blog is lovely.

    We are scheduled for a bathroom remodel in July. I am looking forward to the much needed updates.

    Your bathroom came out gorgeous.

    I look forward to reading your other posts.

  11. I'm sure you're so excited that it's all done now. It looks excellent to me! Thanks for taking us along and have a wonderful week.
    Ping xo

  12. Julie, your bathroom is so pretty!! Great job and lots of hard work.

  13. Oh my goodness, it turned out so beautifully! It is always such a pain while the work is being done, but so worth it in the end! <3

  14. Your bathroom is gorgeous! You did an amazing job Julie, all the hard work paid off. Enjoy your time off!

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