Winning the Winter Flu Prevention Giveaway

February 7, 2018

I'm the Lucky Winner of the Winter Flu Giveaway  

Hello friends.  I hope you're having a nice week.  I'm enjoying the week, but one thing we all have to be careful of this winter is to NOT get sick or get the flu!

It seems like everyone right now has a cold or the flu.  In the beginning of January I had a cold and it's not fun being sick.  I am ok now but I just want to be careful to not get sick again.

Well, in the middle of January I happended to see a giveaway on the blog that Kris from Junk Chic Cottage was doing and I decided to participate.  You can see the blog post for the giveaway HERE.  I was so happy and surprised to see that I was one of the lucky winners of her winter flu prevention giveaway.

I was also a lucky and happy winner back in 2014 when Kris did a giveaway for her Random Acts of Kindness Giveaway.  You can read about that blog post HERE.

If you are not familar with my blog buddy Kris, than you just have to visit her beautiful blog!  She shares her love for home decorating, home decor, and DIY projects that she does with her handy husband.

Please Visit the Blog

Here are the items that I won from the giveaway.  A very cute package of tissues, which are a must with me since I have sinus problems in the winter.  I always carry a package of tissues in my handbag.

Cute Tissues

This is a cute hand sanitizer craft that Kris decorated with pretty contact paper that she found at the dollar store.  She took the sticker off of the hand sanitizer and just cut some paper and wrapped it around the container.  You can see how she did this cute DIY project HERE.

Hand Sanitizer

Kris also added to the giveaway a box of chocolates and a lollipop for Valentine's Day which will be here next week.  Yum!  💝

Valentine Lollipop

I added the hand sanitizer and tissues right away into the little makeup case that I use in my handbag.  I like to use a little makeup case in my handbag so that I can keep things like, tissues, hand sanitizer, lipstick, gum, and I always have tic tacs in my bag.

Adding tissues and hand sanitizer to my handbag

This is one of the reasons why I like blogging.  It's because of the thoughtful and generous bloggers like Kris.  It is so much fun when you can form a friendship with someone that you have never met in person but connect with them like blogging.


I have met through reading blogs many sweet and nice blog buddies.  I have also been lucky enough to have met some of you in person!!  I would love and hope to meet more of you in person as I continue to blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

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  1. What nice giveaway gifts! She had a good idea too! We could all use some new things to add to our bags this winter. Enjoy your day sweet lady! Hugs, Diane (PS I still use the cute cosmetic bag that I won on your giveaway...thanks!)

  2. Congratulations to Kris! What perfect timing. It does seem like everyone is sick right now!

  3. Oh my, what a fun little giveaway! Everything is just too cute...enjoy, dear Julie!


  4. You've been a lucky girl lately. Those are all such nice gifts and useful too. Enjoy!
    xx Beca

  5. Julie-I am thrilled that you won that. I just adore Kris and we have met in person twice now. I love her even more after meeting her because her 'true self' only comes through so far on the blog She is warm-hearted, generous and really funny to boot. I count myself lucky to have her in my life! xo Diana

  6. Lucky lady and I agree, Kris is the sweetest! Stay well and warm!

  7. OH Julie you are so sweet to do this post about your winning. I am so happy I could share one of these with you. I hope they work to keep you well. This flu is really bad this year even with people having the flu shot.
    I cannot wait for Spring and Summer!!!! Thank you for the sweet thank you on your blog today.

  8. What a lovely win... Surprise gifts are always the best.... ENJOY!!! .. and thanks for sharing .

  9. How nice to win such cute things. Anything helps to get through the winter!

  10. Congrats Julie on winning one of Kris's sweet little gifts. Such a treasure! Happy weekend.

  11. Congratulations on being a winner. Stay warm and well. That flu is a killer. I sure don't want to be sick with that stuff. I always get my flu shot and most of the people who got the flu didn't get a shot.

    That Kris is a super person and I just love her.

    Have a good week Julie.


  12. Lucky you! What a great winter gift to receive!

  13. Lucky you ! Congratulations for winning those neat items..