Yarn From Purl Soho and Knit Scarf

November 29, 2017

Hello friends.  I hope you are all having a nice week.  Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving?  I did and I'm really enjoying eating all of the leftover food.

Well, I love yarn, as most of you know, and at the end of the summer, my niece and I visited the store Purl Soho.

I did a blog post recently HERE on my trip to Purl Soho and just in case you missed that post you can read all about it.  If you are not familiar with the store then you can read about it HERE.

Purl Soho - New York City

I had a wonderful time shopping in the store and bought some really beautiful yarn, to knit a scarf.

Below is a photo of the yarn I bought.  It's called Alpaca Pure in the color Gray Fig.  I love this yarn because it's so soft and the color sort of reminds me of a fig.  It sometimes looks like a dark purple color or a shade of brown.

Alpaca Pure Yarn in the color Gray Fig

I have a little bit of the scarf started and I am knitting it in the seed stitch.  I love working on this scarf a little bit at a time, in the evenings while I'm watching tv.

I am not a fast knitter.  I know this will take me a while to complete, but at least I do not have to rush to finish it for any reason.

This knit scarf is the seed stitch and I am working on size 9 US or 5.5 mm needles.  I also cast on 21 stitches.

I love that I'm knitting this scarf for myself and I hope to have this finished in time to wear for winter.

I will show you all a photo of the scarf when I am finished knitting it.  Haha, this will be an incentive for me to finish making it!

Are you working on any knit or crochet projects right now?  

I know a lot of you are busy with the holiday's right now but a homemade scarf makes a great Christmas present idea.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

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  1. Oh Julie, what a delightful place to visit! And that yarn! It looks divine. I hope we get to see you wearing it :)


  2. Beautiful job and the color is something that can go with anything. Looks like it will keep someone nice and warm.

  3. What a beautiful scarf, Julie! I love the color and the stitch. I may have to learn that one...enjoy the week!

  4. What a wonderful place for a knitter/crocheter to visit! And your scarf is coming out beautifully. Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. Hi Julie! Last year, my mom and I got to go to an Alpaca fair where there was yarn for sale. The alpacas are such an interesting animal. You're right the yarn is so soft and my mom went crazy as she's the crocheter. At least she did crochet a top for miss T.
    Your yard color looks really nice. I'm sure this color would look great on you. I would also love to see a photo of you wearing it once it's done. Is that to much to ask for?
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Ping xo

  6. Wow!! I would love to visit the place..

  7. That is a fun place for you Julie with your knitting talents. I cannot wait to see your scarf done. You will be so warm and stylin this winter with your new scarf.

  8. A hand knit scarf is the best gift for yourself or another. I have several that were given to me and I have given several! Looking forward to seeing yours all one.

  9. I can only imagine how much fun this store would be for you Julie! Sorta like the way I feel in a bakery lol.

    The color is so sophisticated and rich. I'm sure you're going to create some lovely things from whatever you buy there.

  10. What a beautiful scarf you're making! The colour is lovely. I am busy making some Christmas presents too. :-)

  11. What a talent you have, I can't crochet nor knit ....I remember my grandmother teaching me to make granny squares, but that was many years ago and I have forgotten how! Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box!

  12. That's a pretty color too. It will go with just about everything!

  13. Julie, I appreciate your love of yarn and your talents.There is nothing better than a hand made knit scarf to warm someone, plus also look stylish. Thanksgiving was quiet here. The leftovers are the best part. Thank you for visiting. Happy holidays Julie. xo


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