WIP - Knitted Infinity Scarf

January 14, 2015

Hi friends, I have been knitting this scarf shown below for a while.  My goal is to work on this until it is done.  I can't remember when I started it last year but it's just one of those projects where I work on it and then I get bored and start working on something else.  Have you ever had one of those projects?  I hope I'm not the only one.

Here is what I am working on now.


The knit pattern for this scarf can be found here.  
I am using US size 11 knitting needles.  
The yarn I am using is Vanna's Glamour by Lion Brand Yarn in the color 170 Topaz.  The other strand of yarn is Caron Wintuk in the color Fisherman 3062.  

This scarf is knitted with two pieces of yarn held together and it is called the seed stitch.  If you do not know how to knit the seed stitch click here to learn how.  

When this scarf is finished I know it will come out nice and keep me warm and stylish at the same time.  I will let you all know when I'm finished knitting this scarf and share a photo.

I hope I may have inspired you to knit an infinity scarf for the winter.

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!



  1. I can't wait to see your scarf when it's all finished. Your stitches are so lovely, dear friend, and the color of the scarf is beautiful. Enjoy your day!

  2. It's a pretty color. I do have projects like that... where I stop and start. Always feels good (accomplished) when I get it done. :)

  3. That's a lovely scarf. I'm currently knitting too!! :-) I always stop one project and start new ones. I get bored easily. I have so many in half done state. So don't worry, you are not alone. :-)

  4. You're not the only one, Julie, I start knitting projects all the time and then move on to other things! I like variety. Eventually they all get finished. Can't wait to see your scarf when done!

  5. The cardigan that I just finished was started in Feb. 2013 so I can totally relate with getting bored with a project. It was all garter stitch. Ugh. Just have to sew on the buttons!

  6. Have I ever had such a project? I have tons of such projects :)
    That's why I like working on small projects that can be worked for a short time - otherwise I lose interest. Your scarf is lovely. I've been knitting something too and hope I finish it soon.

  7. I have lots of projects like that. I usually have more than one project going at once.

  8. That is so very pretty, Julie. That is one thing I never learned to do- knit! Maybe I will someday. xo Diana

  9. Well done Julie on keeping going with it. It looks lovely and I bet it will be nice and toasty warm once finished. I have plenty of WiP's dotted around the house, once day they will be finished... one day! xx

  10. I wish I knew how to knit! I do start projects and leave them hanging so to speak. I try to get back to them and finish though. This scarf looks great!!

  11. Pretty colour and pattern, Julie. Keep knitting, my friend, and you will finish this lovely infinity scarf one day!

    Have a wonderful week!

  12. It's looking great so far, Julie :-) I have lots of projects like that! Have fun finishing it.

  13. Lovely color and pattern, Julie! Yes, you're right there is always a job that never ends...
    Have a great day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  14. You're definitely not the only one to start and not finish a project...lol! I am famous for that. But, I usually get back to it. I love the color of the scarf you are working on...it is going to be beautiful and warm as well! Have a great rest of the week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  15. As you know, I don't knit, so no, you haven't inspired me to make one, BUT, you've inspired me to ask you to make ME one! Lol

    Love the texture of this Julie! So pretty!


  16. Since I have been back to AZ, I have several unfinished WIPs, and I feel very bad about it!!! I just can't find the time or desire to finish them.

    The seed stitch was the very first knit pattern I learned. I made a summer sweeter and I loved it...dropped stitches and all...LOL!

  17. It's going to be so soft and pretty, Julie. I look forward to seeing the finished scarf.

  18. Oh yes, we all have those projects! I hope that now you are concentrating on it you will enjoy it and the feeling you get when it is all done. It will be beautiful to wear when it is done as it looks very soft and snuggly! xx

  19. Your scarf is going to be beautiful !!!
    Thanks for your kind visit !

  20. It's looking great so far! I like the color you've chosen. White is always a favorite of mine in the winter. Sure to keep you warm and toasty through this terribly cold Winter we're having. I'm sure it will look great on you!
    xx Beca

  21. You are not the only one who starts a project then you put it aside to work on something else that is making you more excited ... I do that too.This seed stitch scarf is what I would call a 'conversation' project, in that it is easy to work on whilst you chat away with a group of friends or even whilst watching a movie. Keep at it Julie, you will get there and when it's finished it can wrap it's luscious yarny goodness around your neck and keep you warm x

  22. You are an amazing knitter dear Julie - your work is perfect and so even!
    For Christmas a couple of years ago my darling daughter knitted me an infinity scarf, in your colours and I love it!
    I have all sorts of UFO's about my house - I understand the bored feeling - that's me all over! I've figured out I'm a butterfly that flits from one inspiring thing to the next - we're soul mates!

  23. Hi Julie! Knitting is my nemesis. I adore the idea of it and get going on something quite often, but like you, lose interest if it isn't quickly finished. I think you're possibly better at it than I....lol! We've been blogging pals for a while now, and I'm launching my Five Star Frugal linky party today, focusing on elegant living on a shoestring, and I'd be honoured if you would share your lovely post there. Happy Blogging New Year.. Mimi xxx

  24. Have you ever tried arm knitting? It goes much more quickly than regular knitting, and so it is able to keep my interest longer. I knitted arm scarves for anyone and everyone this Christmas. : )

  25. Can't wait to see the finished product! I've only done a teeny bit of seed stitch, but I thought that the texture was really nice. I like the soft color combo you have. :-)

  26. It looks nice and cosy already I will take a look at the pattern as I want to make a scarf that will be easy to do and look stylish


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