New Magazine Change!

May 15, 2014

Hi Friends!  I'm a little disappointed because my favorite crochet magazine called Crochet Today is no longer being published!  I loved this magazine and they had such pretty crochet patterns to offer each month.  Instead they gave me a new magazine to try out for the remainder of my subscription.

The new magazine is called Mollie Makes.  Mollie Makes is a UK magazine but they are now making a US Edition.  Even though I'm a little upset and disappointed I have looked through this magazine and they do have all sorts of crafts to offer and a little bit of crochet.

I did enjoy looking through this magazine and I even recognized one of the contributors Kim Layton from her blog Everything Etsy and to see her lovely blog you can click here.

I guess everything changes for a reason and I know there are plenty of crochet patterns available online but it was just fun to look through a magazine that I enjoyed.  I am over it and guess I'll have to find a new crochet magazine to totally love!

Has this ever happened to you where you love something and then they discontinue it or change it completely? 

Wishing you all a nice weekend and see you all here next week for Makeup Monday. 

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  1. That is always so disappointing, Julie. It has happened to me a few times in the past with favorite magazines...and the substituted ones were never as good as the old ones were. xo Diana

  2. Aww this certainly must be disappointing! It has happened to me with body lotion....:) not a magazine though.... I hope you find something better...


  3. What a shame Julie, I take you keep all the back issues somewhere, go back to your first one and enjoy them all over again at your leisure :-)

  4. It's nice that they offered an alternative, I imagine most places don't, but big boo to the one you love going out of circulation.

  5. So sorry to hear that! I was a subscriber of Crochet today in the past but didn't know they were closing it down. As a matter of fact, the publishing house that publishes Mollie Makes also publishes the Simply Crochet - a mag I am in love with right now.

  6. Ohhhh I know the feeling! Molly Makes is a wonderful magazine too! I didn't know the end of this magazine was coming.Now I wish I had subscribed and had more of the old issues.Enjoy the copies you have!

  7. I felt the same way when Coldwater Creek announced that it was going out of business. What a shame! Sometimes I wish things would stay the way they are. I guess I don't take to change very well. I've heard of Mollie Makes magazine and I've heard good things about it. Hopefully it will grow on you.
    xx Beca

  8. so sorry to hear that Julie :( xx

  9. Yes, when Victoria magazine stopped publishing. That was huge for me. Thankfully, they are publishing again. Hope you find something else to enjoy :)

  10. So many magazines are going under. I hate that. Glad they gave you another option even though it doesn't replace your favorite.


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