Let's Take a Walk by the Water

May 30, 2014

Hello friends, come let's take a walk today.  I went for a walk awhile back in my neighborhood when all of the spring flowers were in bloom.  Here are a few flowers that I thought looked pretty.  I love daffodils and colors of spring and summer flowers.

If you walk further along with me you can see the water which is called the Hudson River.  

Look straight ahead you may be able to see to the left of this tree in front of you the Statue of Liberty and some of the Manhattan skyline.  As you can see there are people that run, walk, and ride their bikes on this promenade.

Bosco came along for the walk with me and just decided to stand there and soak up the sun.

Here you can see the Statue of Liberty a little better with the water and skyline.

I think we all need to take a lesson from Bosco and just slow down and relax for a few minutes each day.  I hope you all enjoyed that walk with me and wishing you a wonderful weekend.  

See you all back here on Monday for my Makeup Monday Series.  

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Thanks everyone and Enjoy!



  1. Ah, what a lovely walk :-) Thanks for bringing me with you; haven't had a chance to get out much with the new baby. I love Bosco's face as he basks in the sun: complete contentment. Have a great weekend :-)

  2. Hi Julie it was lovely to come along with you and Bosco for a walk. I was thrilled to see you live so close to Manhattan, one of my favourite places.
    Ali xx

  3. Beautiful pictures Julie. Thank you for taking us along.....

  4. Lovely photos, is it still Spring where you live?

  5. What a lovely view you have on your walks..and Bosco seems the perfect companion:) Beautiful flowers too. Have a wonderful weekend Julie.

  6. That was a wonderful walk. Bosco seems like a great walking companion. The flowers are just gorgeous and so is the view. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  7. You saw some pretty sights Julie! Love those flowers and skyline. Water is so tranquil. Loved this. Wishing you an amazing weekend.

  8. Such pretty pictures, and a beautiful day!

  9. Bosco looks like I feel when the sun is hitting my face. :)

  10. You have such a wonderful view of your City. One day it would be lovely to visit there and take a walk along these bridges to see these iconic landmarks. Have a wonderful week my friend xx

  11. Oh, that is so beautiful! What a gift that you have that promenade to take a stroll on with your little buddy.


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