A Friend From England

November 15, 2013

Hello and Happy Friday everyone.  I would like to introduce you to my sweet friend Chel who has a wonderful blog called Sweetbriar Dreams and she is lives in England.

I met Chel through twitter about a year ago and from the first time I visited her lovely blog I was hooked.  Chel shares her travels through the countryside of England, to the city of London.  She writes about her love of gardening, the Cathedral where she works, to her love of baking, crocheting and many more hobbies.  What I love most about her blog is the photos and the stories and places she takes  everyone on.  It's always an adventure.

When I first started my blog a year ago Chel was right there for me and was supportive and helpful.  I didn't know anything about blogging and I'm so glad that she guided me patiently.  I am thankful that we became blog friends and I'm sure you will be hooked as well once you see and read her blog.

Thanks Chel for our friendship, it's been so much fun and I love how we have connected and became friends even though we never met!

Have a great weekend everyone and see you next week.

Thanks everyone and enjoy.



  1. Oh Julie, I am really blushing and so humbled by your comments. This is so sweet of you. I am so glad we corresponded and have become friends and I'm looking forward to much more correspondence in the future. Thanks again my lovely lady xx

  2. I just love Chel...her blog is one of my favorites. Her photography is breathtaking and I leave feeling as though I have been on vacation. She is such a sweetheart...:) Have a blessed weekend.....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Hear, hear! I believe Chel's photos excellent as well!
    Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post!

  4. Hello Julie - I am a bloggy friend of `chel's at least I like to think so! She writes a mean blog post, with great photos. And she always comments generously when she pops across to my blog. I love the way blogging brings virtual penfriends into our lives.

  5. I've stopped in from visiting Chel's, where she suggested we come over for a visit with her good friend :) It's so nice that you two have become such good friends. Wendy x

  6. Thanks, Julie for the intro to Chel. Wow. I am now following you and her.

  7. It's so nice when we meet bloggers we consider as friends. :)

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  8. It is so wonderful that one can build great friendships with other bloggers. A special experience indeed. Chel definitely sounds like a lovely person. I am now heading over to her blog. Thanks for sharing on Creative Monday and have a great week.

  9. Thank you for introducing me to Chel. I have not visited her before, but I am going over to meet her now.

  10. Hi Julie, I am visiting from Chel's blog and I agree, she is amazing and I love her blog. You have a lovely blog and I am now a new follower. :) - Karen

  11. It's really an interesting blog with amazing pictures - thanks for the tip.
    Greetings from Germany :-)

  12. She is a special friend of mine, too! I love her blog and her sweet upbeat personality. She always takes time to visit and write, too....just like you! I love my blog favs and my blog buddies! Sweet hugs to you both!

  13. Julie, I know Chel. I love her blog, but don't get over there often. She gave you the sweetest shout out. Well deserved I might add. You are truly a wonderful and most genuine person!


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