The Jersey Shore Update regarding Hurricane Sandy

February 3, 2013

Jersey Shore Update

My husband and I have been vacationing at the Jersey Shore now for the past 15 years and when my daughter was born in 2000 we started taking her on vacation there too.  It has been such a wonderful place to vacation and we really loved going to the beach everyday.  Well we have been wondering what it looked like there due to Hurricane Sandy.  We decided to take a drive there yesterday because we had no major plans on our calendar and we enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour drive there.  We stopped for brunch at IHOP and we all enjoyed that.  We then drove to Long Beach Island where we stay ever year.  Well it is cleaned up really good, but it was so sad to see a lot of homes, stores and restaurants boarded up due to damage from the hurricane.  We then drove to the house we usually stay in for the week and the house is totally damaged and ruined and won't be rented out this summer.  The Jersey Shore will take a long time to be totally repaired and it is really sad.  I'm glad went to see the damage yesterday but we will always have many fond memories of our vacations there.

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