My Weekend Crocheting and NYC

February 25, 2013

My Weekend Crocheting and NYC

Saturday I spent the day cooking a recipe for Stuffed Shells that I have posted and also crocheting.  I belong to a crochet club in my church where all the members that belong crochet for a sale that takes place every November of each year.  I have belonged now for almost 10 years.  We also crochet or knit for the homeless and for hospitals.  We make baby blankets, baby sweaters, hats, big blankets, scarves, hand warmers and cell phone holders.  This pretty much keeps me busy making things throughout the year!  This weekend I completed a granny square baby blanket.  It is cute and will be big enough for an infant car carrier or for the crib.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

Next we went to a nice Italian Restaurant called Macelleria which is located at 48 Gansevoort Street, NY, NY.  The food is very good and this is what I had, a Cesar Salad, Italian Beer called Peroni, Pasta Carbonara, a cup of Cappuccino and here are a few pictures I would love to share with you.

Peroni Beer

Cesar Salad

Pasta Carbonara

Italian Cookies


Next we went to a store called Anthropologie which is located at 16th street and 9th avenue. The store has many unique things that they sell such as clothing, jewelry, a cooking section, and knick-knacks.  Here are crocheted balls that I discovered on display.

Large crocheted balls.

Thanks everyone and enjoy.



  1. I'm loving the crocheted balls. I saw a photo somewhere where the person had crocheted pebbles and had them in their bathroom. Gorgeous! I'm a big fan of 'Diners, drive ins and dives' over here and long to visit the USA at some stage to try out some of your food! Your blog is great by the way. Chel x

  2. Chel, thanks I love the crocheted balls too they look so unique. The show Diners, drive ins and dives is cool and love all the places he visits on the show. That would be nice if you came to visit sometime. We are thinking of visiting the UK sometime in the summer maybe! Thanks again. Julie

  3. All that food is making me drool. I miss living in Brooklyn and being a short subway ride into the city.

  4. Yes it is fun and easy living in Brooklyn. We enjoy going out in NYC on the weekends and the food was amazing and is one of our favorites.