January 2, 2013


It's January and it is time to take down all of the Christmas decorations and put everything away.  It's also a time when everyone gets everything organized in their lives and homes.  I feel a little sad when I take down all of my Christmas decorations but a little happy also because I have something to look forward to at the end this year.  

I have been going through some of my knitting and crochet projects, yarn, and project bags.  It is a lot of work to try and keep all of this organized, but you have to go through everything every few months.  One of my new year resolutions for knitting and crocheting is to try and finish every project that I start before I start on something new.  

Today when I was going through all of my projects and I came across a project that I had started in October and I thought that it had looked good.  Well, it was a knitted scarf that I was going to make into a little cowl with buttons on it and I looked at it today and hated it.  I ripped it all out and I am going to make something else with the yarn.  It is a good idea to try and look at all of your unfinished projects and see if you still like them.

I also want to try and cook and eat healthier.  I am going to try and make healthy soups like lentil soup, escarole soup and healthy salads with our meals.

There are so many resolutions that you can make, but the best thing to do for the beginning of the year is to just try to stay organized.  Good luck everyone. 


  1. Organization...ahhhh! The yarn in my studio is so out of control. Organization is the word that keeps running across my mind but it is so hard to find a place to begin. I need some way to store and still be able to see or at least know what I have. Plastic tubs do not work well for me! I must do something...organize, organize, organize!
    Thanks for the pep talk!

    1. In my church where my crochet group meets up each week, we keep our yarn in plastic tubs, but they are put on the side stacked up so that you can just see all of the yarn and it sorted by colors. Maybe this might help you out if you can't go out a buy shelves or a book shelf.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I guess I will have to go with the affordable clear tubs and just dream about my wall of shelves for a little while longer.


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